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  1. Hey everyone! I am preparing to buy my third goldfish and am pretty confident that it will be a juvenile ranchu. I have never bought a juvenile goldfish before. Are there features I can look for to judge if it will grow up to look nice with good body shape etc? I was planning on buying from King Koi and Goldfish but if anyone has suggestions for other sources to check out that would be great too. Also, I want to grow it as large and nice as possible. How can I go about this?
  2. hmm interesting, thanks! Do you think the wen is anything to worry about?
  3. Hey guys! I have asked for help or ideas on this pretty much everywhere except on goldfish forums and nobody has ever had any clue, so maybe someone here has seen this before. So about 6 months ago, I bought this Thai Oranda from King Koi and Goldfish. Super beautiful, happy, etc, no complaints. Really all I can do to explain is post photos, so I will include the progression of what is going on from when I first got him to when I first noticed the change, to now. Basically, I realize color changes are natural and normal, especially in tricolors. I will add that I am new to goldfish, but still this kind of change just seems weird to me. You'll see in the photo that his super bright colors turned ashy and muddy all over with the black taking over more. I'm not thrilled about that but he's still pretty and I guess seems normal enough. The part that is worrisome to me is the wen. I watch tons of goldfish videos and have never seen this on any goldfish, but a large black spot developed on his wen and it is now beginning to develop on the other side as well. It started off looking like a parasite or something, which I included a photo of. When I noticed it (around the time of when I took the photo where it is first showing) I immediately put the tank through a round of Ich X, Para Cleanse, and Maracyn, and followed all directions (I didn't use these all at once, I did one and then the other). No change. Additionally, it's been about four months now and the fish still seems perfectly healthy and happy. There have never been any other signs of an issue except this weird splotch and change of color. Has anyone seen this before or have any clue what's behind it? As for the general color change I understand color changes are often inevitable, but the fact that the fish just became duller and muddier overall within a couple months of coming to me makes me think that maybe I'm not taking good enough care of him somehow. I do large frequent water changes and feed a mix of repashy gold, frozen bloodworms, hikari pellets, new life spectrum pellets, and fluval bug bites (primarily the repashy). Even if it's too late, is there anything I could have done that might have preserved that color? I thought maybe it had something to do with the fish camouflaging to the black backdrop but I changed the background a few months ago to white and there has been no change.
  4. Hello, I currently have two goldfish in a 75 gallon- one is about 3/3.5in (telescope, I think female), and the other is a 7in oranda male. Unfortunately the big one seems to be chasing the telescope a lot, and at first I thought the telescope would grow but it just never did. Does anyone here have experience rehoming their fish? I obviously would only send her to a good home and would be able to ship. Attached photo
  5. Hello, this is my first post here. I am not sure if my tapwater changed recently because I don't remember having this issue in the past, but basically I started noticing that the pH of my tank has been super low, like in the 6.2 area. The KH and GH are zero and this may have always been the case because I didn't start testing for that until recently. So, I tested my tapwater, and sure enough it is super acidic and no minerals. I've added crushed coral to filter and some wonder shells to my aquarium and plan to probably add aragonite to my substrate. However, I do large and frequent water changes. Every time I change my water, won't I basically just be taking out all those dissolved minerals and (hopefully) heightened pH and replacing it with acidic and soft water all over again? Aside from undoing progress, I also just don't want any big possibly shocking changes to happen. My tank is 75 gallons so I don't think using buckets in any way is an option. I can't possibly be the only person with this issue, so what do you guys do? Also looking for product recommendations aside from what I'm already using.
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