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  1. Thank you for your help! My params are in order today and the spot is gone! I'll be back here the next time the fish so much as twitches weird (just kidding).
  2. Managed to get another kind of decent picture!
  3. Thank you, as of this morning my tank was reading 0.25 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 20ppm nitrate. I have a hard time distinguishing between 10 and 20 nitrate, but its definitely orange and not red like 40ppm. pH was 7.4. I did a 90% water change after the test and the pimple area is looking better, but still there. My tap comes out 0.25 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates. I suspect high chloramines. The pH of tap is 7.2 but off gasses to 6.0. I run crushed coral in the filters to buffer pH. I use the API master test kit and have been feeding sparingly (once every other day) but the fish has taken a liking to the moss balls and eats them when shes feeling hungry. She is the only inhabitant of the 40 gallon tank, upgraded to get her a friend once the parameters and health stuff is in check. Water is 70 degrees. I have not medicated for anything. I generally do water changes twice per week of 25-30% If I get lazy I do 50% once per week. I have two filters, an Aquaclear 30 and an Aquaclear 70. She has been lethargic and bottom sitting sporadically. I use Fritz ACCR as a conditioner. These were the best pictures I could get today: Picture 1 Picture 2 Describing it as a pimple is accurate, except its red and sore looking, like a pimple you tried to pop too early.
  4. My girl has a red spot in her wen I'm trying to diagnose. It just popped up a couple of days ago and has since gotten more noticeable. It is difficult to get a picture of because it is not on the surface, at most angles you cant see it. I am dealing with a mini cycle from upgrading her from a 20 gal to a 40 gallon breeder. Parameters as of this morning were pH: 7.2 Ammonia 0.5 Nitrites 0.25 Nitrates 20 She is bottom sitting some but still active and eating, no clamping or flashing. Please tell me it isnt hole in the head!
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