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  1. For a year and a half I’ve had 2 goldfish in a 10 gallon tank, recently i decided to a bigger tank 20gallon and add some tank mates. I went and got 3 more goldfish. A few days after I added the new fish the with the originals they got real sluggish acting they aren’t as active as they once were they stay at the bottom of the tank and they won’t eat 😞 I’ve changed the water made sure everything was safe and they are only getting worse! Now their eyes have some thick white film over them and they look like they are bleeding around their eyes and now the new fishes eyes are starting to do the same. The new fish are goldfish aswell just different kinds. My originals are common goldfish the new ones are telescope goldfish a black Moore and a calico and a white and orange koi goldfish! Please help! Thanks in Advance!
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