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  1. Hello Im new to the forum and to keeping fancy goldfish since my 300l became available, I really wanted some orandas so purchased the all white one and the mostly orange one first. 2 weeks later i went back and purchased the last 2 from the same tank there all roughly the same size 1.5 - 2", The first two purchased are alot more chunky since they have been eating like piggies i feed them a mix of bugbites , gold japan and hakari also treat them to some blood worms and veggies the other 2 are catching up though. Anyway to the question these were labled red and white orandas and i did ask if that was correct and the shop owner assured me that they were. But on seeing some of your guys fish its got me thinking these guys don't look like orandas? Its So hard to get healthy looking fancys were i live as most of the places are chain stores and fish just look genuinely unhappy and unhealthy. Im really not fussed what type of goldfish they are as they have grown on me but would just like some clarity on type? Thanks in advance and All the best.
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