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  1. Hello A week ago a water change was done in our fish’s tank. I believe this is where we went wrong. Then two days ago when I woke up and looked in at my goldfish and they were all at the bottom of the tank! Another thing to address is we added a couple snails and algae eaters. Would fish be sitting at the bottom with fins in distressed position if there was a parasite from the new additions? I took a water sample to pets mart and said my nitrite levels were a bit high. Did a 20 percent water change, added bacteria starter, and water conditioner. It’s been 24 hours fish are still at the bottom. Would it be more stressful on the fish to temporarily move them to a tank in pet smart that I know the water isn’t toxic? I talked with the manager and said it was on me if that’s the route I decided to go. Not sure what to do for these guys?
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