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  1. What would a goldfishes natural habitat look like. I know they are commercially bred but where would a Cassius Artaus live. I’m thinking of getting them from goldfish island or my high grade lfs which specializes in reefing and goldfish
  2. Could I do 1-2 goldies in a 40 gallon breeder? I also am wondering about what breeds of fancies are the hardiest. I’m still fairly new to fishkeeping and I think a planted goldfish tank would be nice. I am running a 300 gph hang on back with sponge and Lava rock and floss I will upgrade to a larger filter (a 55 gal canister filter) when I have more money and the fishes get bigger so they can do well in the current. Any advice would be good. I am thinking repashy would be good food for them but i don’t know too much, I watched a few aquarium co op videos on keeping goldfish
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