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  1. Hi I’m sort of new to goldfish and I’ve got a serious issue my black mood goldfish has sustained a pretty serious injury he has had his tail torn and most of his tail fins are gone he also has a tear on his right fin but it’s not as bad I’m concerned because it looks like the meat is loose , so I Had a blue lobster (crawfish) very small guy about 2 inches and they lived together a while but I found him 3 days ago like this and it looked like it was better at first but now it looks like it will fall off I’ve separated him into a 10 gal for now and he has plenty of space he’s a small guy only like 2 inches will his tail fall off and not come back or will it heal itself back together? I don’t see any bones and he’s acting pretty normal eating very alert still and other than that he just has some scratches and missing scales but no puncture wounds to his central body and it doesn’t look like his vital organs are hurt nobbleeding or anything I’ve put some anti bacterial stuff in his tank so far and bought some new food that says revitanew any advice on what I can do to help or if his tail might grow back I’ve read that they can regrow it but everyone has conflicting advice please help it looks like the lobster tried to grab him or did and he got away I’ve returned the lobster to the lfs also also if someone can help me on how to post pictures from a mobile phone preferably a I phone that would be of great help so u guys can see what I’m talking about but my main concern is will the tail grow back or fall off it’s still attached by a good chunk of meat on the other side so will he loose it or is there a chance it will grow back together
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