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  1. Thank you!! I do, the pearlscales are still small in comparison and will be separated until it's safe. I got the orandas from East Coast Ranchu!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm kinda new here but not really, I just never really posted anything (shame on me) So I decided to show off my pond! I had an orange fantail and an all white oranda when I was 16, I didn't know what I was doing at the time, but I loved them so much. Unfortunately they didn't last more than a year and I was too upset to get new ones. My love for goldfish came back this year when I went to a fish store to buy guppies for a 25 gal mini pond, and the store employee convinced me to buy goldfish instead, so I wouldn't need a heater. Of course, I was like YES!! I'll take the goldfish instead, but after I left the shop with 4 tiny pearlscales, I started doing my research on them, and realized how I messed up on the tank size. Fast forward to today, I have 5 fish (2 of the original pearlscales, a crown pearlscales and two orandas), I lived and breathed studying about goldfish this whole time, and also pond designing, because I wanted to give these guys the best life. We finally finished building our pond recently and it's currently cycling. We just need to make the rest of the yard this nice! It has two oversized bog filters, an automatic water change system and 625 gallons in the middle. The waterflow is very gentle for these guys, I have an aerator I want to add after the dirt settles. I live in zone 10a so winters aren't so harsh, but I want to provide them with a heat gradient anyway, specially because the 2 orandas I got have lived in 76F water their whole lives. I want them to live the best life possible! They already eat better quality food than I do. lol I could have up to about 20 fish probably, but I plan on going slow, hopefully no more than 10-15, and if I can't control myself, I will definitely up the filtration. My 5 babies will have a goldfish mansion all for themselves for a while though, at least until spring. Hope you guys like it, and of course I'm always open to helpful advice if you have any!
  3. I got one off of amazon, it would be good in an emergency but as soon as a shadow moves on top of the charger it stops working. It was pretty cheap, though, maybe if there's a nice fancy one it would work much better.
  4. Donated! It is a bit of a bummer because I just started in this hobby not too long ago and this forum helped me so much. I do wish it was a lot more active. Is sharing this on facebook goldfish groups okay? I feel like a lot of the facebook people don't even know about this forum somehow... And I will start doing my best to post here more often, I usually just come to read. Thank you!
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