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  1. Hi Fish10, Your fish are beautiful. Very shiny and healthy looking. I can definitely understand your concern with this , as I have noticed a similar marking on my fish Magikarp. I do not know what this is, however in my observation I have not noticed this spreading in a manner that is consistent with disease, Magikarp's behavior has only improved since I took delivery of him 3 months ago. I will continue to monitor this on Magikarp more closely, however as of today I hypothesize that its just a slight color change, from my independent research I have found that color changes can occur due to many many factors ranging from age and diet, to water hardness. Im sure someone will respond to this asking for all the details of your water and hopefully may have more scientific insight as to why this occurs. It's my belief that just like people fish are all unique. I would not be surprised if , just how humans can have a single gray hair, fish can have a single stray mark as long as it doesn't accompany any damaged flesh or behavioral changes. Thats just my opinion. Monitor the behavior closely, while we await further reply.
  2. Okie Dokie, I will continue to swap waters until I'm at a desirable nitrate level. I was unaware I could safely perform such large water changes that close in proximity. Sad my little buddy is going to be slightly more blind than previously but I've started a training routine to follow the sound of my tapping to the food on the bottom. As the fish gets closer to the food I tap more rapidly until its within reach then I stop tapping. Thank you for your time, much appreciated.
  3. Hi Guest Danielle, I am new to the forum myself and saw your posting. First and foremost, I think that's a nice looking fish. At face value from the picture its hard to tell without seeing what the fish looked like before vs. now. with that being said that looks to be a "deep" bodied fish as opposed to the other " long" bodied fish in the picture. Have you noticed any behavioral changes in the fish>? such as other fish chasing / pushing the fish in question? have you noticed the fish swimming around more frantically than normal? Does the fish eat , forage, etc? a side question I have for you, unrelated, I have read that housing the deep body with the long body can cause problems at feeding time as the long bodies are faster and can turbo gobble food, have you experienced this and if so , how were you able to overcome this? Best Regards, Jordan
  4. Hello, I hope this posting finds you well. Im new to the forum and fish keeping, I have 3 fancy goldfish 2 telescope eye and 1 Thai Oranda. they all poses unique qualities(some say defects) that can be picked out with a critical eye however, they are all active and healthy. My "Red" telescope eye named MagiKarp came to me with what looked like a spot of cataract on the pupil I was concerned that it might be parasites but after more research and consideration I decided that I believe its more of a cataract ( there is the abnormality with the eye socket which leads me to believe that this was something that has been with the fish from birth or fry stage.) Roughly 2 months have passed and I have definitely learned some lessons through the errors of my ways, now it appears the spot I thought was cataract seems slightly larger and MagiKarp's eye has been encased partially by what looks to me like shiny new scale. 1. If one fish in my tank had parasites wouldn't that get in the water column and infect my other fish as well? ( there has been no sign of this and this is another reason why I think its more of a cataract) 2. Has anyone seen or heard of such a thing? 3. Due to my early over feeding habits my tank currently hast nitrates in the range of 80-100 PPM could this have something to do with it ? I have slowly been changing out water but read there was a thing called Nitrate shock , where if they had acclimated to high nitrate removing nitrate rapidly may have adverse effects. so I've been changing 5-10 gal of water a week, not on a strict regiment just a water swap and wait and see , the water swap again. I have attached photos of Magikarp Below as well as my DIY aquarium Build. this is my first tank ever , so have mercy if you see something improper but please tell me straight so I can start planning the fix. Substrate is a mixture of Flourite Black, Flourite Red, and Pool filter sand, plants are real, rocks are real, driftwood is real. if you've read this, I thank you for your time, any advice will be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Jordan
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