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  1. The driftwood has been removed, I am now considering planting grass where it was?
  2. Hello, Im looking to learn more about how to optimize my fish keeping, this is what I've got on my mind: The Tank : a 75 Gallon with an overflow box and a U- tube attached to the overflow which is 1 inch plumbing into a 1 1/2 inch hose down into a 55 Gallon Tank. The 55 has glass baffles inside that divides it into 4 chambers. The first chamber currently is open with no filter media. I was using pinky floss in the past but currently just let the water freely flow into the second chamber, which I keep some plants and a bio brick in, as well as substrate, snails, and as of late 2020 4 goldfish fry. That space overflows into some rods of bio material pumice like stone then is pumped back up to the 75 gallon. In total I manage what I estimate to be 100 gallons of water. I change 50% a week. ( someone please give it to me straight - Am I good , bad , or Ugly? because I have read so many things online and I've done more harm for myself than good at this point) I have 7 Fancy Goldfish - one apple size Thai Oranda and 2 telescope each the size of a big lemon they spawned and 4 fry survived they are now about the size of a U.S Quarter each. ( I didn't see it happen at all and I was not paying attention to my sump tank for a 2 week period, till one day from the side view I saw something move and it was a fish! ) snails, Big ( can't or won't reproduce?) and small - which reproduce but not totally out of control yet, their egg sacks seem to get eaten by fish. plants, mostly amazon swords, some java fern , anubius coffeefolia, grass- that I forgot the name of ! a single surviving ghost shrimp? ( a horrible oversight on my part and a total massacre. Many shrimp lives were needlessly lost that day. By the time I saw what was happening all that could be done was watch in horror.) a piece of driftwood a substrate made of washed and rinsed pool filter sand mixed with seachem fluorite red and fluorite black. a few stones a 400 Gallon per hour fountain pump with clear hose to return. water chemistry: Taylor Chlorine = 0ppm Taylor Ph= 7.4 APi Ph = 7.4-7.5 Api Ammonia = 0 Api Nitrite = 0 Api Nitrate = 40 - 60 ( For some reason I have had High nitrates from inception, Even when I have done 50 % water changes with RO water, I suspect that that its due to my early fish keeping overfeeding , yet even so after correcting and still doing 50% water changes each week ( treated tap water that tests with no nitrates) still barely goes down after water changes. Please help me- help my fish-puppies. Api Phosphate = 0 - 0.5ppm Api Kh = 71.6 ppm Api Gh = 107.4 ppm Tds = 150 - 180 4 months ago I tested for dissolved O2 and it was 9mg/L and CO2 which came in at 5 ppm SO... I know with water changes the blanket answer can be " The more the merrier" BUT..... right now I can only really do 1 per week. Am I killing my fish slowly and stunting the fry growth if I only do 1 a week or will they be ok? Should I run a water polisher or something with carbon to help clean? How fast does the growth inhibiting hormone build up in water and is there a home accessible way to test hormone levels? Will carbon remove growth inhibiting hormone from water? I believe I read somewhere it can sometimes remove the spawning hormone - is that even true? What happens to the poop I didn't get to vacuum ? does it dissolve? do they eat it ? is that a high nitrate factor? what do you do with your fish poop? is there any other or good use for it? I'd like to know your thoughts. - Jordan
  3. An update on the eye, Seems to progressively be healing, here's the eye today.
  4. So in a strange turn of events, this eye issue has now transformed into what looks to me like a bloody haze. there is no sign of physical injury to the eye, and this does not appear to be growing “ on “ the eye but rather within the eye. anything on this helps, even lie to me and tell me it’s going to be ok.
  5. Hey Jather, you can add photos by clicking on the choose files link right below where you reply, it’s hard to say if your black moor will recover quickly, without more information. you will need to test the water, and I recommend feeding the fish a high protein diet to give it the nutrients to rebuild any damage or lost tissue, warmer water speeds up metabolism and growth, and something like API stress coat with aloe might help as well.
  6. I've not yet had the opportunity to build my own pond , however I have a few years of experience with pools, sprinklers, wells and water treatment ( I can't seem to escape working with water) I have worked a few pools that were better suited for Koi than humans. Do you find that now that you have emptied the filter box that the leak is still occurring if so at the same rate or slower? what is the actual bottom and banks of the pond made of? dirt with rubber liner? concrete? gravel with liner? In pools the most common places for leaks to occur is around the collar of the main drain on the bottom, the mouth of the skimmer, and the breach of the wall for the pool light. * if your pumps are front loader and suck water through the side wall of the pond my hypothesis would be the constant flow has eroded around the material and has caused a weeping leak. You might be able to detect this by using some type of fine tip syringe with food coloring, with all equipment off inject wherever equipment or fittings breech the pond to see if you can see where the dye gets sucked out. You may have to scrub yourself down with a plastic brillo put on a rubber male contraceptive (or 2 for good measure) with once around with tape for watertight integrity ( prevents possible infection) and take a swim so you can see. If you've already isolated it to the secondary filter box, it might just save you headaches to build another box around the outside of your filter box made wood with a 2cm gap off the original box and pour hydraulic cement in to form a new outer-box fused to the old box in an effort to seal any pinholes or cracks you can't see. My thinking is outside of the original box rather than patching inside so that as the concrete cures over time any efflorescence that might form will have minimal surface area contact with the water the fish live in and any salts that might collect will be more on the outside. If you suspect that the crack or leak is in the bottom, and the box cannot be fully emptied or lifted up to seal underneath it may help to take the water level down as low as possible and line the bottom of the box with a screen like material, then gravel, then some type of clay, mud, or sludge from elsewhere in the pond to form like a natural plug for the hole or crack, another option would be to line the bottom of the box with gravel and hydraulic cement that, then whatever roots may have penetrated the bottom of the box will just keep growing into the ground and as the plant stock grow in girth and begin to get chocked by their own growth they will throw out new roots above the choke point in the stalks.( If removing the plants temporarily for inspection and repair is not an option) If you did need to hydraulic cement the bottom of the box even though hydraulic cement will setup under water its probably best to let it be hit with sun and soak on its own before exposing the ecosystem water to it and then circulating that water to the fish. I would steer away from any type of epoxy or putty since these things usually have many different chemicals with often unmentioned voc. Super fine sand may even work to plug bottom holes once it gets mixed in with some mud, detritus, biofilm and water. what are your thoughts on this? Best Regards, Jordan
  7. That’s a nice looking hen you have there. If you run the pump overnight have you tried turning it off over night and seeing if it leaks more or less? how is your pump plumbed in on the suction side? Do you have a skimmer , a main drain, and a vac line like a swimming pool or something different? best regards, Jordan
  8. Very interesting indeed. Do you have fish with large or exotic eye characteristics or the non protruding pea size eyes?
  9. I tried to snap a good set of comparison photos but my fish are not cooperating with me today. It’s hard to tell by photo but the males overall shape, while round, is slightly more stream lined while the female is more bulbous. Hope this helps.
  10. I see. Is this fish is in the same tank /water/ temperature as the first fish? if so I would guess that they would both show the same signs if they are both male and in the same conditions. I have 2 other fish in my tank with the one I posted before and neither of them have any spots showing, with that in combination that they are rounder in the belly I have come to the conclusion I have 1 male and 2 females
  11. Hi Siena, Out of my own curiosity, what alerted you to the light freaking the fish out? when it was on were they hiding? When turned from off to on did they go hide? Do you feed them floating food , and they refuse to go to the surface while the light was on ? I’m regularly fascinated / entertained by fish behavior so any of your observations would be greatly appreciated. best regards, Jordan
  12. Hi Eva, difficult for me to tell just by looking at the fish here. Do you have other goldfish for side by side comparison or for this fish to interact with in a breeding like fashion? The top down view as well as the side view show a slightly more round shaped belly , however the overall shape of your fish is not like the fish I am used to seeing and either way belly shape alone is not a sure way to tell. some other things you might be able to look at would be the fish’s rear area - what shape it is , if it protrudes etc. I recently turned up the heat in my tank, and my fish that I suspected was a male now shows some breeding tubercles on the pectoral fins,
  13. If anything, I’d say maybe beat em’ self up feeding on sinking food close to the decoration, I had one of my fish scrape herself up and lose 2 scales in the fast pigging out on some gel food too close to a rock
  14. More accentuating photos for my fellow recreational scientists out there.
  15. I read this thread and I have a slightly different looking thing but it certainly looks relative, any advice or comments on this thing would be appreciated. I haven't added anything new, I do have an abundance of nitrates that I still have not been able to cut down enough, Ive been too busy to do really big water changes. the way it looks like its grown out from a central hub makes me suspect it is some kind of fungal mycellium. the idea of under water mushrooms almost makes me want to let it grow and see if it has some kind of fruit/ reproductive body. I'm going to take it out though because the snail pictured eating the black/green algae got to that spot and busted a U-E
  16. Hi Beth, Thats a nice looking fish! I have been feeding my fish Repashy super gold for a few months now, and they will eat it until they pop if you let them. I have used both the cube method and I have made the jerky as well and I find that the cubes are much more efficient for my tank as the jerky causes my fish to go wild fighting over it then they're all up in the plants and rocks trying to get the jerky, one of my more mischievous fish actually disappeared in my tank one day for about 20 minutes and I come to find that it had somehow worked itself into one of the ornaments I had in pursuit of the jerky- causing me to remove that ornament. I feed repashy twice a day most days, sometimes on the 3rd day I'll feed repashy in the morning and pees at night. If I notice they have trailing poop I know I've gone overboard with the repashy so then I fast them for 12-20 hours and if they're hungry all they have access to is algae, my plants, or snail eggs. Hope this helps, Best Regards, Jordan
  17. Whatttttttttt that is awesome and I had no idea that this is how this was done. I also dove right into the planted tank even though my local fish store guy told me that it could not be done with goldfish. The plants are an important part of my filtration. I have mostly Amazon swords , and "German" swords. I also have a couple lotus bulbs / lotus plants with lily pads, I did get what was advertised as a java fern (non reputable store sold to me before I knew better about them) the jury was out on that until now! I think I have a java too and I think it's ready to be divided. I thought maybe it didn't like my substrate mix so it grew roots from its leaves as an adaptation or something. Will these actually cling to stone? What do you use to get that going nylon thread? I also have one anubias "cofeefolia" originally I had made a cave out of 3" PVC pipe and buried it in my tank then placed driftwood on top of it and was trying to grow the anubias over it too so it was like a cool burrow at the base of a tree overgrown with roots - awesome in theory but proved to be slightly problematic to clean and possibly dangerous for my brazen fish so I took it out and I stuffed the anubias down into a crack on the drift wood and it grabbed on like an orchid would grab a tree. Thats pretty funny about Jelly Bean hiding food from Lydia. My SeaKing has much better vision and a much larger mouth than Magikarp and Goldeen - leading to SeaKing hoarding food in his mouth but it falls out when he chews or he tries to go hide in a corner and drop it. Since I feed them soft food I started cutting a larger piece and feeding SeaKing first so that his mouth would be too full to suck up the other pieces before everyone else got a chance to eat.
  18. Hey Reno Goldfish Fam, Thats a cool looking fish, you certainly know more about what's going on over there than I do and have the knowledge of before and after -but I do have a couple questions, I see you have some ammonia in your water, as well as nitrite, ( Not judging you) I also see that you are using a tetra test kit, I am not familiar with this kit but are you able to tell me if this measures for PPM ( parts per million) or Mg/L ( milligrams per liter)? Also, aside from the fish in questions behavior staying the same , have you noticed behavioral changes in your other fish towards this fish? Any breeding like activity taking place such as other fish chasing this fishes tail / attempting to push this fish into plants ? when its rest time do all the other fish shy away from this fish do they gather together in a fish pile? does this fish shy away from the others?anything of note helps. Chasing : This might be an indicator that the fish is ready to breed and is releasing hormones, alerting the males Do you have a suitable place in your tank for the fish to lay eggs, such as plants real or fake or a spawning mop ( can be made with green yarn) ? Fish might not lay eggs if the fish doesn't find a suitable place. Something else that might keep a fish with eggs from laying eggs would be temperature. Whats your water temp? maybe if your water is on the colder side and you bring it up to the "Springtime pond" temperature if it is eggs - the fish will lay them. aside from eggs, you see no other signs of dropsy, bloating could also be caused by internal parasites, but having multiple fish in the same tank myself I always figure that if its parasites they'll get into the water column and all the fish will get it and display symptoms? my thoughts on the omega one pellets : I fed this to my fish 1 time and did not pre soak it and my Thai Oranda had immediate swim bladder issues. I spend the rest of that evening with my hands in the tank holding him upright for fear that he would get permanent equilibrium issues, I massaged his belly until all poop and gas had passed and he could again regulate his neutral buoyancy. Now I feed my fish Repashy Super gold, and every few days I throw in some pees if I see their poop starts to trail a little. Soon I will start experimenting with my own gel food recipe that includes more vegetables as repashy is mostly protein, that way I can give them one high protein meal a day and then one equally high fiber meal. not saying omega is bad, just watch carefully hope this helps, Jordan
  19. In addition to my last posting, I thought about this over the night and I shared Blacky's story with my girlfriend, She contributed that one of the things they use to suck out new born baby snot at the hospital might work too.
  20. You have inspired me with a name for when I need to refer to them as a collective. I shall call them "The Fun Bunch". I am also surprised by them quite frequently. This is really the first time I personally have ever kept fish and been directly responsible for their well being. I did bad at the very beginning with over feeding and things like that but I have now made adjustments and I think I have it dialed in. I don't know other peoples thoughts on this but I believe they are sentient, they seem to know who I am , what time it is (they don't use clocks as much as their memories of food), I swear sometimes at night I catch them watching TV if its on. They will play with my hands through the glass and if ever I need to reach in the tank they do not fear me. Some people might think its hokey pokey , but I often place my hand on the glass and tell them that I love them aloud because if they are aware of what's going on they can certainly hear and feel the vibrations in my home and water is an excellent conductor. Originally I was seeking to get a cat, but due all kinds of factors, that didn't seem like the best fit for me in life right now. This whole project , from first having the interest in goldfish and doing all the reading, to building my own tank stand, scouring offer up and let go for parts and tanks, resealing sumps, etc has proven to be a fantastic creative outlet for me and has put me on the path to some kind of healing. I became freshly jobless June 1 of this year - to make matters worse it didn't end well, someone asked me to do something very wrong and I blew the whistle and got the clap back - demoted , transferred, and tortured until I resigned despite having excellent yearly evaluations, the hearts of my coworkers and our customers. I now have to fight for justice, all the while, being blocked from getting a job in my same industry OR collecting any of the funds allotted to help Americans that are unemployed. It was probably one of those pivotal points in my life, I was part of corporate America -I knew it was bad when I was there- but I didn't realize how much I had lost myself and it was sucking the life out of me until I was no longer in the situation. I still don't know exactly what Im going to do but ever since I have accepted the responsibility of these fish well being and I have become a man of service, while I feel uncertain and empty -my mind is unfettered and it seems as though when I need them, now the answers can come right in. on a lighter note: I am terribly interested in those cups with what looks like plant seedlings in your tank- what's going on there? Best regards, Jordan
  21. I have only had Magikarp for about three months - Im not sure about the He or She myself, based on the rear anatomy I think Male, but still hard for me to tell. Magikarp also has a slightly less bulbous belly than my other telescope Goldeen ( I've got a Pokemon theme going) in a side by side comparison. I believe these fish are all relatively about one year old, maybe at the most going on two. I have three of them, two telescope and a Thai Oranda, they range from 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches.
  22. TIA, Glad to hear the fungal issue is clearing up. As far as the future goes if Blacky has been able to survive this log with the nostril issue only now needing additional treatment I think you have some time to figure this out and make the best decision that both you and Blacky will be most comfortable with, I know you mentioned you are leaving for study but block the pressure of the time clock from your mind while you make the next play. As I see it, I would say you have 3 main options in my opinion. Option 1: Do nothing. this is the least invasive procedure. Blacky has survived like this for some time now, and can probably survive like this some more, depending on whether or not more gravel has entered the nostril or its the same will determine if now Blacky is more suseptible fungus, if so Blacky might be totally fine and require occasional fungal treatments. This is minimally invasive but could possibly expose Blacky to medications for prolonged periods of time, I don't know what the effects of that might be, but I would think its better just to avoid prolonged exposure to medication if possible unless it was something like StressZYME with Aloe to help slime coat but even still, if you can get away with less that's better. Blacky might not ever get fungus again and the possibility of needing occasional medication sounds a lot less scary than surgery. With that being said, it was D.H. Lawrence who wrote “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.” ― D.H. Lawrence, The Complete Poems of D.H. Lawrence While Blacky is your friend and has been domesticated- and while you might worry, Blacky is a wild thing. You have already given Blacky a much higher quality of life than that of wild carp and probably most of other people who keep fish ( as proven by the 11 years of age) as well as showered Blacky with your affection and attention from what I see here. Sometimes wild things get into things and it goes awry- but they never stop to pity themselves, they just keep doing the best they can with what they've got. I believe that totally trying to suppress the wild nature of a thing can actually negatively impact its quality of life, but thats a whole other philosophical debate for another place in time. Option 2 : Risky but still minimally invasive. I think would be to try to " suck" the gravel out, if it went in that way- it can come out that way. I think that if you felt comfortable knocking Blacky out with the clove , you might be able to use a piece of air hose with an inside diameter of similar size to the nostril or maybe one of those " flavor injector" syringes without the needle. The key here would be to get a diameter that is almost the same size as the nostril, and keep Blacky wet and slimy to get a good seal around the hose and the nostril then using your mouth on the other end of the hose or the syringe suck the gravel out if you can. While you're not cutting into Blacky the risk is in knocking him out, and in that if the gravel has shifted into a different direction inside the nostril removing it with suction will cause a scrape wound, however, that could then be treated and heal and the voila! no more gravel and healed Blacky. Option 3: ( Highy experimental and theoretical I do not condone experimenting on animals- hopefully this doesn't cause a riot or get me banned) Option 3 Would be my last resort and would require you to do a lot of independent research on fish anatomy, and VOC content of chemicals, and become your own DIY fish surgeon. While I don't recommend this I do believe its worth a mention incase things reached a point that was very bad and there was not much else to be done anyway. There have been studies in the past about how they treat human burn victims with tilapia fish skin, the idea behind this is that the burned human flesh can heal and maintain moisture beneath the fish skin , which does not require the frequent and uncomfortable changing of bandages. This got me thinking that if fish skin is so close to human skin , can liquid bandage or liquid stitches for humans be used on fish? The connection would be that depending on the situation, it might be necessary to make a small cut in the end of the nostril so that it can stretch out a little and the gravel be pulled out with very sharp tweezers like used for watch making. This creates the problem of an open wound which would compromise Blacky's protective barrier. If you could stitch Blacky with that sterile glue that would greatly reduce the heal time and chance of infection - However sealing the inside of the incision and monitoring the inside of the nostril for fungus or infection would be extremely difficult. You would also need to consider Blackys age and Quality of life. I feel that the most important thing though is: whatever you feel in your gut about this trust it and you won't go wrong. If it feels uncomfortable don't do it. Try the most minimally invasive non surgical options you and anyone else here can think of and when you feel like you or Blacky has had enough, let it lay if necessary. Always acknowledge your instincts as an addition to your other 5 senses if you can. As we grow older if we don't use them we lose them. As long as Blacky is Eating , pooping, and foraging he is some kind of okay and at the end of the day that's all any of us can really ask for. this concludes my opinion piece. Best Regards to you and Blacky, Jordan
  23. Hi I-Goldfish, In addition to the above info, I didn't see the nostril before but In the pictures on this post it looks slightly different/ damaged in comparison to the other nostril. Hard for me to tell by the photo - is that the case? if so is the change recent? It also looks fungal to me, and I ask this to try to better understand how fungus might have taken hold. In addition to that, your concern about the possible gravel lodged in the nostril, it may be possible for you to see this with a flashlight. I have read of people taking the fish into a dark space in a clear shallow container ( keeping fish submerged of course ) and shining a bright flashlight through their little bodies to " X-RAY" them. I have not done this myself but it seems safe enough and minimally invasive. My only concern is that the fish have no eyelids so one must be careful not to shine bright lights directly into the eyes. Hopefully someone with more years of fish keeping experience will confirm or debunk this method. You could also do a combination of your proposed solutions to this gravel problem, KO - then suck out the gravel with air hose instead of surgery Wish you all the best and Blacky a speedy recovery.
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