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  1. They do hide when the light comes on. And pretty much stay hidden while it is on. They do eat, but it is a very noticeable difference in their attitude when there is too much light
  2. Thank you so very much! I will try this!
  3. Please send me a photo, if you can. I think I understand but would like to see one. Thank you!!
  4. Of course! As you can see, only part of the rubber tape came off and now I cannot get the rest of it off... Might just have to let the water do it's work on the rest or IDK...
  5. Sorry for the late reply but yes. I bought one for my 37 gallon tank and I love it!!! I might paint it as the wood is a bit too light colored for my taste, but otherwise it is perfect!!!
  6. Hi! I have a 37 gallon tank with goldfish. The tank is great, but the lights are way too bright. It seems to freak the fish out when all light is on. It is 2 "tubes" of LEDs and they are one unit so I cannot remove 1 tube, which would be ideal. I have tried covering 1 tube with black electrical tape, which works for about a week and then it peels off. I found some outdoor electrical tape which is SUPPOSED to hold up in extreme weather, but it didn't even last a week! I do not want to purchase another hood and all lights I have seen are LED now...Does anyone have any other ideas? Thank you
  7. Thank you all very much. I just hope they quit chasing the smallest one around. He does get away and then goes into a corner alone but I don't want the larger fis to kill him/her. Should I put that fish back into a separate tank?
  8. Oh, wow. And here I thought I was doing a good thing by changing the filter medium when it got dirty! In the meantime, should I medicate the tank? I have melafix and primafix which is what I used when I first noticed their eyes
  9. The filter is new. In fact, I just changed the insert last night (it was a Top fin set that came with the tank, filter and heater). But their eyes have been cloudy for over 6 months now so I am worried its irreparable at this point. I just don't want to cause further damage and I am hoping the 3 larger ones quit bullying the smallest one. I am considering putting my 5 gallon tank back up and moving him. Although, combining tanks was the entire point of upgrading to this tank. And I am limited on space so I don't know what I will do if I have to separate them again... you're so sweet to help me!! Thank you!!
  10. Hello, Shannon (?), hope that name is correct!! I did check my tap water and it is better than my tank water. The ph is 7.2, NO2 and NO3 are 0ppm, and the ammonia is also 0ppm... is there something I can treat my water with to help clear their eyes? Thank you so very much for all of your advice and help!!
  11. Well, this was the tank water. I will have to test the tap water when I get home from work today. i do put the water clearing stuff in it but I did not always let it sit overnight. Most times I did but there was a time or 2 when I forgot. I did have an ornament in the previous tank that the paint came off and clouded the water badly. I am wondering if that isn't where all of this started. I removed it quickly and changed the water but....
  12. Hello, again! I did read the homework you assigned and I got my test kit so here are my results: ph 6.6 (I have been adding a ph corrective but it never seems to get it just right), high ph: 7.4, ammonia: .25ppm, NO2: 0ppm, NO3: 0ppm. Like I mentioned, I had just moved them a week ago into this new tank but I am prepared to do a water change if need be. I typically change half the tank, but was a bit negligent because I had planned to move them. I did use some of the water from both of the tanks to start this one and ran it for a few days before I moved them over. I also used most of the ornaments and all of the gravel. I hope this helps you to help me help them! Lol I hope school went well and that you had a great day!! Thank you again for your help!!
  13. Thank you so much!! I will definitely read these. Good luck with school and your 7 year old!
  14. Thank you! I was worried about their eyes - they all seem to have a bit of the discoloration. I have tried to keep my water quality good. I ordered a full test kit (I could only find the dip kind locally) and it is supposed to be in tomorrow. I do have some medicine which I used before. Melafix and pimafix but i dont remember what they had that made me get those. I also recently bought some Seachem Prime which says it detoxifies ammonia. Will the eyes recover? Now I am freaking out! I will post my water results as soon as I get my test. Thank you for your help!!
  15. Gladly! I thought I had, but maybe not. I have attached a front view of my tank, they can get behind the large "reef" structure, and the larger plastic plants but they all tend to sleep in the corner behind the bubbler. I also included the best photo of the fish I am worried about highlighting the fin that IRL looks worse than the photo. None of the other fish's fin seem to have that dip like this one. Thank you for any help!!
  16. I ended up with 4 feeder fish as a joke. They are about 2 years old now. They all started in a 5 gallon tank, got larger so I put the 2 larger ones in a 10 gallon and left the 2 smaller in the 5. It got too much to care for 2 tanks, so I upgraded and put them all into a 37 gallon tank together. They were stressed out for about a week but have seemed to settle down. Now I noticed that the 3 seem to be chasing the smallest fish and I think some of his fins might be torn (I honestly don't know for certain). I am out of my testing kits, but the ph & nitrate levels were fine 2 days ago and the water is clear and at 74 degrees which seems to be their favorite. Do I need to remove this fish? I have already dismantled my other tanks to sell and I really don't want to keep 2 tanks again but I also don't want to lose this fish or to allow him to be bullied although they are not CONSTANTLY at him (in fact, right now, all 4 are swimming in various places alone). I would love ANY help on this.
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