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  1. Hi Arctic Mama, I ordered methylene blue and in the mean time I’ve been using aquarium salt and doing two 50% water changes per day. He’s already improving a ton and his tail is close to all better. He’s swimming around a lot more eating better. I’m going to give him another 10 days in quarantine (while we’re in quarantine). It looks like he should be just fine! Thanks for the help ✌️😘
  2. Oh no....I thought I was doing good by using RO. I’ve never added minerals back in, only a bacterial supplement with each water change. I’ll stop using RO. I do have an empty 5 gallon tank I’ll transfer him into but I’ll need to buy a bubbler and small heater tomorrow. I’ll have to pick up some methylene blue as well. The fish have never fought or had injuries before that I’ve seen. The one who’s hurt is the smallest goldfish though, so he must’ve got his tail kicked I guess. Thanks for the advice. I’ll let you know how it goes after he’s isolated for a few days. Thanks! Joe
  3. Hello, I have a Shubunkin Goldfish that has a health problem I can’t solve. It started 4 days ago. I first noticed him swimming funny and acting lethargic. Also, I have a few Flying Foxes in the tank and they appeared to be nibbling at the base of his tail, but the Shubunkin was okay with them doing it and he didn’t try to get away. So I thought maybe he had a parasite and I started treating the aquarium with parasite meds. Now 4 days later he is no better. He is still swimming (kind of) and he’s eating everyday which is a good sign. Here is my fish tank parameters: -65 gallon tank -I only use reverse osmosis water for all water changes, I test for ammonia and nitrates every 2 weeks. They always remain at zero. - I have a constant PPM (Parts per million) reader and I never let it get above 200 PPM -PH stays steady at 7.1 -Temp is a steady 69 degrees Fahrenheit -Fluval 5 stage filter and I follow all recommended filter changes/maintenance -No new fish have been added in over 2 years -Every other fish in my tank seems perfectly healthy Any help or guidance would be appreciated. I don’t want my little buddy to die. I plan on upgrading there tank to a 250 gallon and want him to live long enough to see his new pad.
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