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  1. Really hope I can get some more straightforward answers here. So we just bought a perfectly healthy looking oranda to go with our black moor, and now they both have a minor case of ich. They've both had white spots on their tailfins for about 48 hours now, and our black moor, who's a year and a half old, has been getting lethargic and is itching himself against plants and decorations in the tank. We've tried Jungle ick clear in their tank, but they still have spots. We tried to put them both in a 10 gallon quarantine and dropped another ick clear in the 10 gallon, and they were breathing very frequently, and became really lethargic, even after a water change. We've been heating their main tank (a 29 gallon) to about 90 degrees in hopes of killing the ick. We were afraid that they were going to suffocate in the 10 gallon, so we moved them back to the 29 gallon, and they have been very out of breath and lethargic in the 29 gallon still even though they have been in there for 2 hours now. We just turned off the heater to hopefully help give them a little oxygen. My wife loves these goldfish about as much as some people love their dog, and were both really at a loss. Where can we progress from here? Need some good advice.
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