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  1. Hi! I have a comet goldfish named Lipstick who I have had by himself in a 10 gallon tank for about 7 years. Lately he has been having ammonia spikes and I think this is because we treated him with tetra lifeguard for some fuzz that showed up on his fin then went away. We have always done weekly water changes and since the ammonia spikes I have been changing at least 2 gallons of water each day and gravel vacuuming but it is still not going down and today he is very stressed. Today I changed about 6 gallons of water to see if I could reduce his stress but he is still freaking out. We had two amazon sword plants that I removed because they weren't doing well from the medication and salt. I have added pH regulator, ammo lock, aquarium salt and stress coat and he also has a bubbler. I am at a loss as to what more I can do to help my guy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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