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  1. No I still haven't. sorry I've been busy recently things keep coming up
  2. I did she said she can't take him because her system is outdoors and the change might be too much for him. I guess I can ship I've done the research it's just a last resort. @Arctic Mama
  3. Do you know of anywhere else I can go to find someone? Or should I post again here? @Arctic Mama
  4. Here are some pictures! The first one is old as he lost his black! Thank you for the help! @Arctic Mama
  5. I need to give away my goldfish Mang for FREE because I am going to college and can no longer care for him. My family doesn’t want to take care of him so I don’t know what else to do. He is a butterfly telescope from Coastgem he was born in May 2017 and I have had him since August 2017. I know he is a male because he used to have 2 siblings that didn’t make it due to bad genetics. One of his siblings was a female and I saw breeding behavior and she spawned. Mang has never spawned. He is a really strong fish. I feed him SuperGold Repashy food. I really love him and want him to have a good new home preferably with other goldfish as he has been really lonely. I live near Albany, Ga. I am willing to drive him somewhere close if needed. I am going to college in FL so if you live in Fl that is also good. If you have questions feel free to ask. Male Butterfly Telescope Color- orange Age- 3yo Size- Around 7 Inches I don't know how to attach photos but I can email them. I will most likely ask you questions about your care. I will also ask for pictures of were you will keep him. I really care about the well being of my fish.
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