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  1. Thanks Hannah! His name is Jelly Bean. 🙂
  2. The transformation is officially complete... He now has no orange left! 🤍
  3. Wait, what?! I thought that was a different fish! That is crazy.
  4. Oh wow! Looks like the same thing... Just a white belly eventually became completely white. Beautiful both ways. 🙂 And I'm assuming the white stayed? Thanks for sharing!
  5. Oh yes, he's quite dapper now. Very formal. 🤵‍♂️😂 No sign of the orange fade slowing down yet... We shall see! 🤷 Would love to see any color change pictures anyone has. 🙂
  6. I had no idea this was possible until now! 🤷 He was cute when he was orange with a white belly, and he's cute now too. ♥️ I just didn't realize how fast it would happen! He may be completely white soon. Here he is today.
  7. He's loving life now! 🙂 Here's a current pic (right) compared to five days ago (left). At this rate he'll be completely white soon! 😯 Will he ever get his orange back? Just curious.
  8. That's true - he started to lose some of the orange on his tail, then got a few orange streaks at the end. Guess I'll wait and see what else happens! 🙂 Thanks for the insight. I was curious because our other fish hasn't changed color at all. 🤷
  9. We've had this little guy almost a year. Will he eventually lose all his orange? He used to be 2/3 orange and 1/3 white (left: July 2020), which has reversed over the past few months (right: currently). It doesn't matter to me either way, just curious?
  10. I will check this out, thanks!
  11. Ok, nice - thanks! I've been considering getting a taller plant. Have you had any luck with Hornwart?
  12. Update... we've got crystal clear water again! And that's without the weekly water change yet. I was definitely over feeding. When people told me they would "act hungry" all the time, they weren't kidding. Also... The airline tubing works beautifully to clear out debris on sand. I didn't think there would be enough suction - so glad you recommended it, thanks! Now, if I could only stop the algae buildup in the filter tubing... Ah well, I may just have to live with it. As you mentioned, it's probably a good thing. Arctic Mama - is there media you add in place of the carbon?
  13. Ha! You do what you gotta do. I didn't have enough extra air line tubing to create the siphon, so I'll be getting some soon to try it out. In the meantime I'll see how the reduced feedings go...
  14. Ok - I'm probably cleaning more frequently than I should! What do you use to create the suction? Can you manually create enough suction with gravity and air line tubing to draw out debris? Tomorrow is water change day...
  15. I only started soaking them about a week ago, and noticed the cloudiness a few days ago...so it could be the culprit? I read somewhere that soaking them helps with digestion and prevents swim bladder disease. However, they were doing just fine on dry pellets for a month...gobbled them up either way. Any insight on whether it's necessary to soak them? The info on the label doesn't say anything about soaking, so...? Either way, I'll reduce the amount I'm feeding and see how it impacts the cloudiness. How often do you typically rinse out the media in your filter? Genius idea. I hadn't thought of doing this. I will try it. Thanks!
  16. Update: Happy to report that the black mark on her tail is completely gone. Thanks for the input. It must have been some sort of injury and now she's healed.
  17. Thanks so much for the information! It may be hard to tell, but in the picture there is some cloudiness (not a lot). I had not considered that even though they were eating the pellets quickly, perhaps they weren't being digested well. I will decrease the food volume and see what happens. So 10 pellets per day for 2 fish is enough? One thing I have started doing recently was soaking the pellets before feeding, for easier digestion. Is that recommended? Question about siphoning - The python works great for water changes. However, I am not getting enough suction to actually "vacuum" out any poo sitting on top of the sand. If I place the Python right on top of the sand with debris, the debris will float up a bit but not actually get vacuumed out. Do I have a problem with the suction power? I was thinking it would be more powerful. Ok, got it. I was cleaning the brown algae completely off the rocks (and as best as I could off the plants) at each water change. I'll try leaving it there, but won't it negatively impact the plants by blocking light? I'll still probably clean the algae off the sides of the tank so we have a clear view of their cuteness. I haven't noticed them eating the algae like others have commented. You can see the algae build up on the driftwood, rocks, airline and at the base of the tank above the sand. Also - the tubes for the intake/outflow pipes develop a lot of brown algae after about a week! Normal? I really appreciate the insight! I want to make sure these little "water piggies" are happy...
  18. Wondering if there's a cause/solution for cloudy water that has begun recently? It's not horribly cloudy, but up until this point, the water has been crystal clear. I started a fishless cycle about 3 months ago, then added two fantails (have been in the tank for 2 months). Details: 35 gal tank, Fluval 307 canister filter, two air stones, poppy pipe for extra surface agitation, live plants (java fern, anubias, moss balls), weekly 80-90% water changes with Prime, readings have consistently been fine once the cycle finished (pH 7.5-8.5, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate <5). I feed them once a day (15-20 sinking pellets, which they eat within a few minutes - is that too much?). A couple times a week I've given them shelled peas. I also have gel food to start working into their diet, but want to fix the cloudy issue first. Since adding the fish, there has been brown algae build up each week. I wipe it clean every couple days and do a thorough cleaning of all the plants, rocks, etc at each water change. I guess that's another issue of whether the algae can be better controlled, but the tank does have indirect sunlight exposure so I may need to live with it. At the most recent water change I replaced the carbon and quick-clear water polishing pads in the filter. All other media was rinsed in tank water as usual. Thanks for any insight!
  19. Same here - I was told goldfish would eat everything and it wasn't advised to have a planted tank, but I decided to give it a shot anyway for filtration reasons, and an added challenge. For about a month the plants were the only thing I had to look at anyway while the tank was cycling. They've nibbled on the moss balls a bit, but nothing drastic. But that may change as they get older? It's great that you've tried different things! Goldfish need enrichment too. I was also thinking the same though - to keep it simple so it's easy to maintain and keep clean. I've had some challenge with brown algae so far but it's getting better I think. That piece of driftwood you have looks great! I am a plant novice, but from what I've read, Java Fern won't grow well in substrate - it needs something to "cling" to. I used sterilized surgical thread because I had it on hand, and it works well so far to adhere to rocks. Maybe someone else with more experience can offer more advice (I think there's a "planted tank" section in this forum too?).
  20. Sounds like you've had some meaningful life moments recently! Glad the fish can provide some mental clarity. I agree - it is a joy to care for them and they provide more interaction than I anticipated. I am used to having dogs (our current Whippet has no interest in the goldfish), so I was surprised with how engaging the fish can be while living in their own realm. They frequently "chase" me back and forth when I'm on different ends of the tank, swim right up to my face, and they are quite used to my hand in the tank (they often give me "fish kisses" as I rearrange and clean). I love having them. You are not the only one to make mistakes early on. I am still learning as I go. There's definitely a learning curve but we do the best we can. I decided to dive right in with an attempt at a planted tank, and part of the result is the cups you asked about. I started with some Java Fern and Anubias, secured to driftwood or rocks. I'm hoping they will grow taller to hide the intake/outflow pipes more and give the fish more "cover" to swim between. The Java Fern has sprouted quite a bit so I've been replanting some of it in the glass cups. I thought it might give them something to explore other than the sand. Jelly Bean LOVES to swim in and out of the cups, picking at whatever is inside. Lydia, not so much. I've actually seen Jelly Bean swim away with half of a green pea and bury it behind a rock in one of the cups (I think to keep it safe from Lydia). It was gone 10 minutes later.
  21. Sounds like a fun trio! I've been surprised at how playful they are, but then again it's been decades since I've had goldfish so I'm learning all over again.
  22. This is a relief, thanks for the insight Arctic Mama! I'll assume it may be a nibbled/injured tail at worst and a natural color change at best. I'll certainly keep an eye on it (no change since yesterday), but as I mentioned in the previous post, she has been acting 100% normal. So that is good!
  23. ^^ This is what I'm hoping J.Allen - that it's simply a "normal anomaly". Thanks for the response, it makes a lot of sense. You bring up a good point - I should have mentioned that her behavior/demeanor has not changed at all. She's just as enthusiastic to see me as always when I approach the tank, eating well as usual, and swimming happily. Magikarp is beautiful - do you mind if I ask how old s/he is?
  24. These little guys have grown quickly, so I expected some change in coloration. Jelly Bean's tail used to be completely white, but now it has an orange streak (not concerning). However, yesterday I noticed a black mark on Lydia's tail. It didn't make sense to me that it could be an ammonia burn... the tank went through ~36 day fishless cycle, then I monitored the levels daily for a couple weeks after adding the fish. I measured levels weekly after that, with ammonia never reading above 0. Weekly 80-90% water changes. They've been in the tank for about a month and a half. As soon as I noticed her tail yesterday, I checked levels, and then did a big water change just to be safe, and added prime (see pic - all levels look good?). I've had some brown algae issues as the tank gets established, but that's it so far. Any thoughts on what could be happening with her tail?
  25. It's going really well! The water parameters have been stable. And I can't believe how fast they've grown in such a short amount of time! One still seems to "bully" the other during feeding time - aggressively chasing him away from the food. But not sure there's much I can do about that. Overall they are so much fun!
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