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  1. Thanks Hannah! His name is Jelly Bean. 🙂
  2. The transformation is officially complete... He now has no orange left! 🤍
  3. Wait, what?! I thought that was a different fish! That is crazy.
  4. Oh wow! Looks like the same thing... Just a white belly eventually became completely white. Beautiful both ways. 🙂 And I'm assuming the white stayed? Thanks for sharing!
  5. Oh yes, he's quite dapper now. Very formal. 🤵‍♂️😂 No sign of the orange fade slowing down yet... We shall see! 🤷 Would love to see any color change pictures anyone has. 🙂
  6. I had no idea this was possible until now! 🤷 He was cute when he was orange with a white belly, and he's cute now too. ♥️ I just didn't realize how fast it would happen! He may be completely white soon. Here he is today.
  7. He's loving life now! 🙂 Here's a current pic (right) compared to five days ago (left). At this rate he'll be completely white soon! 😯 Will he ever get his orange back? Just curious.
  8. That's true - he started to lose some of the orange on his tail, then got a few orange streaks at the end. Guess I'll wait and see what else happens! 🙂 Thanks for the insight. I was curious because our other fish hasn't changed color at all. 🤷
  9. We've had this little guy almost a year. Will he eventually lose all his orange? He used to be 2/3 orange and 1/3 white (left: July 2020), which has reversed over the past few months (right: currently). It doesn't matter to me either way, just curious?
  10. I will check this out, thanks!
  11. Ok, nice - thanks! I've been considering getting a taller plant. Have you had any luck with Hornwart?
  12. Update... we've got crystal clear water again! And that's without the weekly water change yet. I was definitely over feeding. When people told me they would "act hungry" all the time, they weren't kidding. Also... The airline tubing works beautifully to clear out debris on sand. I didn't think there would be enough suction - so glad you recommended it, thanks! Now, if I could only stop the algae buildup in the filter tubing... Ah well, I may just have to live with it. As you mentioned, it's probably a good thing. Arctic Mama - is there media you add in place of the carbon?
  13. Ha! You do what you gotta do. I didn't have enough extra air line tubing to create the siphon, so I'll be getting some soon to try it out. In the meantime I'll see how the reduced feedings go...
  14. Ok - I'm probably cleaning more frequently than I should! What do you use to create the suction? Can you manually create enough suction with gravity and air line tubing to draw out debris? Tomorrow is water change day...
  15. I only started soaking them about a week ago, and noticed the cloudiness a few days ago...so it could be the culprit? I read somewhere that soaking them helps with digestion and prevents swim bladder disease. However, they were doing just fine on dry pellets for a month...gobbled them up either way. Any insight on whether it's necessary to soak them? The info on the label doesn't say anything about soaking, so...? Either way, I'll reduce the amount I'm feeding and see how it impacts the cloudiness. How often do you typically rinse out the media in your filter? Genius idea. I hadn't thought of doing this. I will try it. Thanks!
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