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  1. Thanks for responding. I agree definitely. I remember discovering Bio Home Media ( cintered glass) from Richard (Pond Guru) on YouTube.. and chatting to him about Anearobic Bacteria, and the lack of it in most Aquariums, I often incorporate it into my filters as well as foam. Mechanical..(sponge) then biological. That stuff is unbelievable..I haven't had a Nitrate' spike in many years. Have you used it do you use it? Although, I still have one tank running on the old under gravel plate run by two power heads. Via coral sand for substrate. I can't say I never get an Ammonia issue but on the whole, the tanks been going since Round 2000 but gravel vacs can be a nightmare. I think the actual filter plate is an old Shirley's one bought in 1979. How's that for a bargain.ha h. Steve
  2. Hi. It's a wonderful thing when you build your own personally invented filter. The satisfaction not only making sure your fish are having the best water quality.you can offer. But giving them that extra water quality which very often the big brands, may not. You'd be surprised how many objects lying around in your home right now have the petential for filtration. Plastic containers of all shapes and sizes can be drilled.. melted..cut.. and filled with the media of your choice and either fuelled by an air pump or power head. I've been designing my own filters since 1976 ranging from under gravel filter plates.. internal cubes.. and canisters.. to HOB types of trickle, or pour-out types. And the satisfaction of knowing you put together a filter of your.. choice and design which you can show to other keen Aquarists gives you the edge over the big manufacturers expensive shiny boxed products. And let's face it, some of them really are awful. Save a few with names like Eheim.. Interpet.. and Oase. I'd love hear if anyone has invented, modified, their filtration system. Thanks ..Steve.
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