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  1. I have had this happen to past Goldfish, they ended up living into their teens, I've wondered if I should be using the aquarium light in the daytime as well as the evening for them to keep the gold in their name.
  2. Hey everyone, thanks for having this forum. I'm replacing a 29 gallon Marineland Eclipse 3 with a 65 Gallon Agueon-Something and have 2 Marineland Emperor Bio Filters in the mail for the new home of 2 Goldfish and a Pleco. My question is, I have the underground filter plates in my current setup, I don't really have the plastic air tubes anymore because I got annoyed with servicing them and the Pleco wants to be right over the airstone anyway (Pleco Jacuzzi!) I just use the airstones hanging down in the aquarium naked. One thing I liked about the plates is that I can use less gravel but still show an inch layer of gavel in the aquarium. The other is the benefit (or perceived benefit) of the opportunity for a bacterial colony to grow. I don't think I've pulled them up to clean in years. Are these worth using again in the new setup or should I just do straight gravel?
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