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  1. I was searching the web to see if my two week old guppy fry were okay to eat bloodworms because they're in a community tank and i do feed frozen every couple days or so. I accidentally bought whole frozen bloodworms and noticed my adult guppies were having some problems eating them anyway. I thought this could be useful for someone out there. I took a small rubbermaid container like one of the tiny condiment tubs, thawed out a cube in tank water, and cut through them with scissors a few times in random spots. It seems simple I know but I just thought of it. I have platies in my tank also so they can eat the bigger ones that I miss, the adult guppies get to have some without having to just pick out the smallest ones, the two week old fry and neocaridina (they'll take off with a whole worm) are getting the tiny little bits that get cut way short, and the platies get to vacuum up the rest. Everybody wins!
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