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  1. Thank you for the help! Sorry to be such a worrier, these are my first goldfish other than tropicals and i've been trying to do everything I can for them. I'm just so paranoid that the fin/s is going to get worse overnight or something. I'll post back if anything gets worse. Thanks again
  2. That's good to hear, about the fin regrowth. Here is a side by side comparison of the older picture I posted and the one from today. End of that fin looks a little thinner that it was. If it was bacterial wouldn't her other fins be looking odd too? Her tail fin is in perfect shape.
  3. Nope, not shredded. I would say kind of milky but the fins are clear there anyway so hard to tell. It's more so the one fin that has some soft looking ends. No behavior changes at all, they act super crazy like they're starving all the time.. lol. So hard to get pictures. The anal fins also didn't grow back the missing chunks at all but haven't gotten worse. I was wondering about the kh/gh because my kh is 1-2 and gh is 2. Ok.. pictures. Had to take a video then screenshot because they zoom everywhere. Circled area is the part of the fin that's soft and flowing. She looks awesome otherwise.
  4. So, little update... Her fins haven't gotten worse or better but lately the ends of the fins are looking soft. They are not breaking off though. Could something like this be caused by really soft water? Obviously it's not bacterial or else it would've progressed in over a month.
  5. Okay, i'll just keep up with the frequent water changes. I've been trying to do either 25% every other day or 50% every 2-3 days, depending which one I can do. She didn't have it before she was shipped to me so I was just paranoid that it was trying to turn into fin rot. Thank you
  6. I did my first 50% water change yesterday without adding the salt back in. Her fins still haven't grown back. Is there anything I should do? Would Stress Guard help? This fin that's circled here that I posted in my previous reply looks a little thinner today? Maybe it's just my eyes...
  7. I think it's an injury since I had videos of the fish (here) before they were sent to me and she didn't have any missing areas on her then. It's only been 2 weeks so it might just take a long time I guess. First day here the edges were tattered but now they're smooth. I've attached some pictures of the 2 pelvic fins. One of her anal fins is missing a little chunk too but not as noticeable as the pelvic. Should I still reduce the salt content even with her fins like that?
  8. As of yesterday they are healed up 100%. I'm wondering if they got caught in the driftwood at night time. I'm going to remove it today and put their java fern in a terra cotta pot instead of on the driftwood. I have 2 last questions though... when I received the fish, the female had some chunks missing from her pelvic fins. It seems like one of them has some white fin growth at the ends but the other fin hasn't changed (hasn't gotten worse or too much better). How long does it usually take for fins to grow back? This pelvic fin in question had 2 large chunks missing from it... I'm also wondering how long I should keep up with the 0.3% salt in the tank?
  9. Great, thanks for letting me know about the meth. blue, I just wanted to know in case I needed to use it in the future. I won't be using it in conjunction with the salt since just that is working. Feed stores are also not permitted to sell antibiotics either, a vet prescription is needed for all antibiotics sold in Canada.
  10. That's scary, as with the ban on antibiotics and covid-19 I might not get medications from out of the country for over a month or more. Plus they're expensive with shipping. I can only find Furan-2 and Metro on Ebay and that's $50 and will take possibly over a month if I needed it; if customs doesn't check the packages. There's also Triple Sulfa from the US. Like I said in my first post, I do have Kanaplex but not enough to treat the water; just to add into food. Regardless, I can barely see that bubble on his scale today. I'd say it's about 95% gone. So weird how it popped up overnight and is basically gone today. Did you have any guide on how to use meth blue? Is it in the main tank or not? Thanks.
  11. Thank you so much! That's what I figured. It's 1/3 of the size now than it was in the picture with no redness, so I think I do need to keep doing the big water changes. I'm getting 25ft of tubing in the mail tomorrow so bigger changes will be easier for me. I'll turn the temp up to 76f. As far as restocking from abroad, i'm not entirely sure if I can. I'm sure some people have luck with small flat packets but a lot gets checked by customs and gets destroyed. I know I can get potassium perm. and methylene blue off eBay from a source within the country (the only source too!). I also have Prazi but that's banned too, so I only have a little bit left. I already gave them one treatment of that just in case. What would be the best thing I could get for this particular issue if it were to get worse? Methylene blue? Is there a guide on how to use that (bath or dip)? What do you think about the redness on the female? The closer I look the more it seems it's now localized to 2 scales but there's nothing more than the redness. Again, thank you for the reply!
  12. Hello, first time posting here. I got my first ranchus shipped to me June 9th. The morning after one of them had fungus looking spots all over the fins and some on the body. I did water changes every other day and I slowly increased the salt dosage up to 0.3% on those days as I was nervous doing it every 12 hrs. All of the spots completely disappeared within a day of me adding the salt for the first time. Friday, June 19th, we had a heat wave that reached 40c and the goldfish tank went up to 81.4f. I wasn't too concerned as I had read that these fancy varieties can handle that kind of temperature over in Japan/China where they are bred. Their tank is usually at 73-74f. Saturday morning, June 20th, I noticed the male had these weird looking bubbles on top of a scale. Packed close together and depending on the lighting, the bubble wall looks thin. I immediately thought bacterial infection.. something must've happened overnight with the increased temp and maybe high bacterial count in the water? The female also had an area of redness underneath the scales. I did a 50% water change yesterday and today nothing has changed EDIT: I just checked the male and the bubble area looks to have come down a bit and the slight redness that was in it isn't there now. I still have the salt at 0.3%. I live in Canada where almost all medications are banned. The only things I have left over are Kordon Rid Ich and a small amount of Kanaplex left in a 5g tube (not enough to dose the water). If anyone has any suggestions on what I should do that would be great. These fish were apparently kept in pristine water conditions with daily water changes at the farm. Not a thing has changed with their behavior or feeding habits, they're still flying all over the tank wiggling and begging for food constantly. Info: 40 breeder, 2 ranchu, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, had 10-20 nitrates before 50% water change yesterday
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