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  1. Ah, thank you! The adults are separate from the fry fortunately. They're currently in a 65L tank with cory fry (water is filled about halfway up the tank so it's not too deep) and I haven't had any specific problems yet. The only thing that could count as a problem is accidently feeding too much and it laying at the bottom of the tank so I've got to take it out. Other than that, everything seems to be going ok for now! Thank you so much for all the info - it definitely helps for someone that's new to the hobby! It looks like all the fry have made it so far and they're looking healthy so I must be doing something right XD Right now I'm doing water changes every Monday and Thursday (around 25%) as I didn't want to agitate the water too much but, if it's better to do it every day, then I'll certainly do it as much as possible. Once they get older I'm planning on sticking them into my 300L tank (that was supposed to be for a tropical setup but plans changed once the fry came along) and I'm hoping to keep as many as possible! We currently have 3 that were from an earlier batch and they're just a week older than the others but you can certainly tell the difference between them. My sister has fallen in love with one of them and has already named him Tobi... here's hoping he makes it!
  2. So, a little backstory might be needed. I've had goldfish all my life but I've only recently been interested in the entire hobby - not saying that I haven't cared for my fish before, I've just really gotten into it now... like, a lot! I want to provide the absolute best care for my fish so I've come to fishy forums to ask some questions! I got our first fantail a couple of years ago from a neighbour and she was all alone and quite timid. Since then, she's received new tank mates and really perked up with her personality. She's currently housed with 2 other (smaller) fantails and, as of recently, a beautiful ranchu. Here's where the first problem arises: I also have peppered cory in that tank. (5 peppered in total) Now, at the time of buying the cory, I was told that they'd be fine with goldfish (so long as they can't fit in their mouths) but, after some research, I'm wondering if they'd do better in a tropical tank? I have a heater in that tank and the temperature varies from around 20C - 23C. I also have a single albino bronze cory with them and this is where I'm completely lost. I remember reading somewhere that bronze and peppered are fine together but after some recent research I read that they like to split off into their own groups. Should I get another bronze for her and should she stay in the goldie tank? All the fish get along just fine with each other but I want to make sure that they're all completely happy and healthy so I need some feedback and help. I also, very recently, found out that the ranchu is male and we now have a lot of little fry swimming around. I mistook them for cory eggs (as they have laid a lot recently) so they are in a tank (24C-26C) with the cory fry. I've been reading up all I can on goldfish fry since I've had no experience with that (though I've had experience with cory fry) but any tips will be extremely helpful to make sure as many as possible make it to adulthood. The goldfish fry are about a week old now so literally any information is great such as what kinds of food they like, when can I move them to a bigger tank, ideal temperature ranges, and culling. This is something I really don't want to do but I'd still like information about culling and when it should come into play. (Plus, the fry are currently on a mix of hikari first bites, liquifry no. 1+3 and the occasional bloodworm and frozen daphnia and brine shrimp. It's a big range as the cory range a lot in age, from 1 month to 1 week) So yeah, any tips for the newbie fish keeper would be very much appreciated!
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