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  1. I most certainly will! Since the fishies seem healthy and the tank is back to cycled, I think its time to find them a new friend. We'll take our time. Got the quarantine tank set up already. :-)
  2. I was wondering if that might be the case. Well, then we'll call it all good! I'll obviously keep a close eye on them. I canNOT thank you enough for your help and patience in this! Chubman and Bold are in your debt (as am I)!
  3. Well... 2 weeks later, the fish are acting healthy but Bold still has those streaks in her tail. (updated pictures from today below, you can probably only see the streaks in the close up). Their activity is great, no lethargy. Fed them exclusively the medicated food. Gave them tiny amounts here and there throughout the day... I'd say they got about 50% or so before the 10 second mark. Neither of them see very well (especially one-eyed Chubman), and neither are used to feeding from the surface, so I just stuck my hand in front of them and let tiny pinches float where they were, lol. Best I could come up with. I'll be switching to the recover formula now. Tank is cycled again, thank G-d. I should buy stock in Seachem for all the Prime I used. 0ppm Ammonia, 0ppm Nitrate, 20ppm Nitrite. We're back to weekly 30% changes. I'm utterly baffled by these red streaks. I know they're a sign of something wrong, but it's been quite some time now and Bold... well, seems fine. Then again, so did Sushi before he up and died one afternoon. So, uh, what's the next recommendation?
  4. 2 day shipping my a**... anyways it's finally here! Gave them their first feeding. The 10 second thing is going to be tricky. I've never fed them flakes before so they're not used to feeding at the surface, they only go after them when they float down. I hope if I just keep it up for a few days they'll get the idea and then I can properly start dosing. They're both still somewhat lethargic and Bold's tail definitely has even longer red veins. (Tank is still crashed but getting daily doses of Prime).
  5. Ordered, along with their prevent and recover. Read up on their tips for proper feeding. Fingers crossed!
  6. OK. We did a water change today... I guess I'll give it another 24 hours of observation? But good point about not having much to lose. Bold's tail definitely has bloody red veins. Like I said with Chubman, I just can't tell. Ugh. I could beat myself for bringing these snails in. (Tank does look great at least.)
  7. Hmmm. I suppose so. You think they're ready? If the white poo is stress, feels like the last thing I would want to do is push them further... And RE Bold's tail, I wish I had a better camera. There are veins going from the base nearly all the way to the tip that are bright red. Could that just be residual if its like that? (Also once again, thank you *so* much for all this help!)
  8. Update--while Bold is definitely doing much better (still red streaks in fins and white, stringy poo) Chubman now seems to be on a downturn. He's still swimming some, and still eating, but I've observed a lot of lethargy out of him over the past 48 hours. We've maintained frequent water changes (Saturday and yesterday... slipped a tad there). Readings are roughly the same, although Nitrate is now at 5ppm (I guess there was some sort of error before? no clue how it's gone up with so many changes) and Ammonia is steady at 1ppm (again, there is chloramine in our water, so water changes won't ever lower that), and I've been maintaining 3x Prime dosage every 2 days religiously. Their feeding has been reduced, they get alternating pellets every other day with some romaine lettuce, and boiled broccoli on the other days, only in the morning. Yesterday they got peas. I've studied Chubman like a hawk but cannot determine anything visually wrong. Unfortunately with his fins lacking any white, it's near impossible for me to tell if there are red vein streaks like with Bold. Whenever I see him poo it appears normal. Any advice? Should I just stick with the current plan? Images attached below.
  9. Gotcha. Thank you so much again. I'll check back in if anything develops or at the 2 week mark, whichever is faster. :-) As some good news--Bold is up, swimming and eating. Very surprising!
  10. @Arctic Mama You've been so helpful, thank you again! Truly! If you think that's the best route, I'm game. I changed the water again today, I'll just keep up 30% every 48 hours. My question would be--if I treat the goldfish in a hospital, what about the fact that the snails are in the main tank still? Wouldn't the goldfish just get re-infected when returned to the tank?
  11. @Arctic Mama Um, maybe just best to take it from the top so I get all relevant info in: About a month ago, my redcap oranda Sushi suddenly died. About a week or so prior I had put some nerite snails into the tank, but because I'm an idiot I didn't realize they needed to be quarantined. He had natural red in his tail (he wasn't exactly a show quality redcap, he had red and white all over), which masked red streaks that I then discovered upon examining his body. I examined the other two--Bold, a female orange demekin and Chubman, a male orange ranchu--and noted that Bold had red streaks as well in her tail and that Chubman had a red spot on his side. Best I could tell from research it was septicemia, but full disclosure that's just an amateur having read a ton of stuff on Google, no vet opinion or such. I dosed Maracyn 2 for two full rounds. While both continued to behave and eat as normal throughout, the red streaks/mark did not disappear. Both also had white, stringy poo at times (amongst their normal poo). So I then used some Furan 2 and garlic powder and soaked it into some of their food (Omega One). The streaks and spot did not clear up, although I did no longer observe any white, stringy poo. As Bold has swimming issues when fed only pellets, I also floated romaine lettuce daily in the tank (a previous habit) which keeps him clear and not floating. I then also performed 3 full rounds of Kanaplex. As of about 5 days ago Bold stopped eating and has become lethargic, generally just sitting on the tank bed. Chubman has generally behaved normally, although I stopped turning on the lights to try to ease the stress for Bold and so sometimes Chubman does seem to just chill--but I can't quite tell if its lethargy or if it's because with the lights out, he's just relaxing more? I stopped feeding altogether about 3 days ago when I performed a 50% water change and added carbon back to the filter (it was removed when I first dosed the Maracyn 2). The parameters were fine--no ammonia until as I mentioned just before the water change, it did go up some. As of today the ammonia has definitely spiked*. I've dosed 5x Prime to the tank to detoxify (I took this action immediately when the ammonia crept up and made sure when the water change was performed an adequate amount was replaced with it). All medications were given to the main tank as both goldfish showed symptoms, and with the snails in there I wanted to make sure I took care of the root problem as well. I knew a crash was likely, so I made sure to test daily with plenty of Prime on hand. *to note, the water I use here has chloramine in it, so ammonia readings always spike the same day as a water change. I always use about 2x Prime dosage in the new water before adding to make sure it's not a problem, and typically it's back to 0 by the next day. Anyways, to my surprise Bold is still with us, but still not eating and still being very lethargic, with the red streaking still prominent in her tail. Chubman again seems to be generally acting fine but does still have the red spot. I'm not sure where to go from here. I have E.M. erythromycin from API on hand but haven't taken any action yet, wanted to give the carbon a bit more time to clear out the old stuff. Ok, I think that's everything. If there's additional info please let me know. And thanks again for helping!!! I'm not sure what to do here. I don't want to lose either goldfish. We're bracing for Bold to pass but at least I'm hoping to save Chubman.
  12. OK, managed to get a picture of Chubman's side today, with the red dot that has been there for a while. (Yes, he is missing an eye, that happened about 6 months ago and we never did figure out what happened).
  13. Thank you @Arctic Mama! I apologize for not following up--I thought I had this set to give me alerts whenever someone replied and didn't see anything! As a follow up to where we're at now, Bold (medium demekin) is not doing well. Might not make it through the night. She has been lethargic, the red streaks in her tail seem to have increased, and she did not eat over the past 3 days. Chubman (small ranchu) seems ok, but still has a red blotch on his side. I ran my test results yesterday (had been doing so daily), the results were mostly the same with a slight increase (somewhere between 0 and 0.25) in ammonia, so I dropped some extra Prime in. I've tried using the Furan 2 medicated food since my initial post but am ending that as of tomorrow. I ran 3 doses of Kanaplex, ending yesterday. Today we performed a 50% water change and I added carbon to the filter to try to get rid of the medications in there. I did not use the Maracyn because I didn't know if I could combine that with Furan 2 food. I did pick up some API E.M. erythromycin yesterday. Have not used yet (again, wanted to get all the other stuff out first). I have some pictures of Bold here. Some with lights on and some with lights off (I've turned the lights off to try to ease stress for Bold). I've tried to get pictures of Chubman's side but he's been... less than co-operative.
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