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  1. Hi Koko, it's an open pond, there is no filtration, it's natural spring water, i use the water for watering the plants and refill it. From the spring water. I have 3 koi carp in the pond about 20cm long and about 15 goldfish ranging from 5 to 10 cm, there were a few plants but they gave been eaten, there are a few rocks in the pond but not much else. It was originally just a water store in case of fire or drought, I was watering directly from the water tank which is pumped up From the spring and then decided to use Pond water as a bio Fertilizer for the plants I am growing, so I water some with the pond water and then top up from the tank. It could be the dog has been in there but I didn't think it was. I will check the picture and see if it happens again and try to do a more thorough checking of the fish. Thanks Ellis
  2. Correct, no fin damage. I don't think the areas were fuzzy, just white, sort of clear, like the scales had come off. The fish were really listless and just about breathing.
  3. Thanks, I don't think it was a predictor, the other fish that died was very similar, here is a photo of it. Both were still alive just about swimming.
  4. Hi, I have a large pond about 5000lt, a goldfish because very listless the other month and I removed it to a small tank but he never improved, breathing slowly but just hanging in there. The other week there were two dead fish and yesterday a fish I had been watching that was obviously having problems i removed from the pond about put it out of its distress. It had a white mark on its chest, the other fish had the same. Any ideas? Thanks I have inserted a photo.
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