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  1. Today turned out to be crazy, towing my car and packing stuff to move in the future. But hopefully tomorrow I can get test and post the results and just goldfish no other fish
  2. Sorry haha I sorta spazz wrote that, all the goldfish are in a 50 GAL with 10 live plants at this moment, and filter is a basic Marineland that rest on the tank as I'm trying to research other filters but honestly I'm lost the information for fish is so tricky to find and some articles are the terrible ones saying "Betta is a 1 GAL is fine!" The other fish are in 30 GALS also Marine Lands
  3. So like many new fish owners i was clueless how fast Goldfish can get messy if the tank doesn't fully cycle, My angelfish, guppies, Plecos and Bettas (not all in the same tank of course) Cycled and are doing a-ok But I got my goldfish first, so as they would i cycled the tank for 48 hours and was like "Yes this is perfect I'm doing great" After the tank got bad i got a separate 50 GAL tank and cleaned water and put them in it after it cycled for a week (i was not doing test as i was still not fully knowledgeable on what top do) The tank was doing fine for maybe 2-3 weeks i think, and i added in new sand which made the water cloudy but it didn't seem to go away so i got the water tested and of course high Nitrates, PH was fine and all the other stuff but high Nitrates. I don't over feed and I've been transitioning to live plants but I know that wont solve it as long as they stay in that water.... so my dilemma is, how can i correctly cycle the water without moving them or will i have to move them somehow? i'm trying to avoid additional stress as I know the water is stress enough for the angels. Is their any way to clean the water in their tank, with changes and treatments, are there tricks I don't know? I'm using Prime for the water recently as I've seen it pop up in videos and got recommended it but I know that's not enough. My only though its to cycle a tank but i only have a 30 GAL which is far too small for 10 1-2" goldfish, even the 50 is but we are looking to get two large tanks in the future. I'm trying my best to fix my mistake moneys tight but I'm willing to drop it as i get it if it means getting them to a healthy life
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