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  1. Yes the temperature matched. I’ve never had a problem with my fish in the 20 gallon and it’s not unhealthy to keep them small. I’m not restricting food, the water is cold so they don’t need to eat as much. I am in school for Ichthyology, but I really can’t figure out what happened. I followed the exact directions on the container, and I always even put a little extra in to be safe so I doubt I put in too little. I’m honestly just really upset, and genuinely confused. Even when they were dead they looked perfectly healthy, no fin rot or external imperfections that would’ve suggested something was wrong. I’m thinking something was chemically wrong with the water conditioner, does that sound plausible?
  2. 90% water change just like I do every 3 days for the past 2 years. The only factor that changed was the new water conditioner but I can’t believe that would’ve just killed my fish, you know?
  3. I really need some answers. I’ve been a goldfish hobbyist for about 6 years now so I consider myself pretty well knowledgeable when it comes to goldfish care and illness but what happened with my batch of 3 fish that I’ve had in the same tank for 2 years has left me completely dumbfounded. I had 3 fancy goldfish in a 20 gallon tank (yes you’re thinking it’s too small but I follow the 1 gallon per inch rule and all 3 of my fish were only 1 inch long as I kept there water cold and didn’t feed them enough to grow big on purpose.) The filter I have is an aqua clear 50 and I cycled it two years ago for this batch of fish. I take great pride in the health of my fish, doing water changes weekly and always checking the parameters. I usually use prime water conditioner but I ran out and the next available thing was Tetra Aquasafe. It was brand new, used a few times for my betta fish, and it wasn’t expired. I followed the directions exactly on the container using 4 teaspoons since my aquarium is 20 gallons. My fish were perfectly fine and healthy, I went to shower, and when I went back to the tank all 3 of them were dead. I am extremely upset and very confused on how they died. The water parameters were perfect, I recently treated them for flukes, and they where very healthy fish. Does anyone know what could’ve possibly happened?? All opinions or suggestions welcome. Thank you
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