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  1. Hi everyone :] I've recently become the proud owner of two fancy goldfish: a black moor and an oranda, about 2.5 inches? (not totally sure but they're smaller) They also live with 4 rosy minnows. Tank is 40G breeder. Using prime Also aquarium salt (added 5 tablespoons initially when I set up tank) sand substrate Have an air pump Using tetra IQ 40 internal filter (I know....but I thought it would be ok for now since they're so small?) Also using some extra carbon media and sponge inside it. The tank has been cycling for about 2 weeks. Basically I'm new to the hobby and I want to make sure I'm doing things right. I've been doing 25% water changes every other day/every couple days. Is that too much too often ? I'm going by the liquid API tests but I'm still learning how to read them, so I'm a bit paranoid. Last night when I tested, I couldn't tell if my ammonia was .25, .5, or 1 PPM (I know...quite the difference lol) so I did around a 50% change. It's the next day and here are the testing results: Ammonia: 0? .25? Ph: ~7.6 Nitrate: 0 Nitrite: 0 also temp: 72 F This makes me feel like I *am* doing it too often but like I said...paranoid... Left to right: ammonia, ph, nitrite, nitrate ammonia at a different angle. What do you think the reading is? Okay, and finally some pics of the babies I know the pics aren't great quality but if you can tell, the oranda, Moon, has a white "bump" under her(?) chin. She had it before I brought her home, too. I asked my co workers about it and they said it was nothing (I work at a pet chain). But I'm not sure. It hasn't gotten any smaller or bigger, and it doesn't seem to bother her. Any idea what it is?? I was looking into carp pox but I don't know if fancy goldfish can get that. Thanks for reading! Any help would be much appreciated. I love my lil guys.
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