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  1. i’ve seen three videos of this type of carpet al of which we’re goldfish tanks. it looks to be a very hardy plant... the flowy version looks hard, i’m trying to accomplish this look.
  2. how do i achieve this... i want...
  3. i have a young 2.5 inch ranchu, a 2.5 inch black moor and a 4.5 inch fantail all in the same 55 gallon tank. the fantail is a bit of an older fish ( 1 year ish? ) and the ranchu and black moor are obviously a lot younger. my fantail is showing breeding behavior and is chasing my ranchu ( and black moor ) around the tank very frequently. he is definitely a male -- i tested this by gently pressing the vent located by his tail and a brown? milt came out. i've been watching hand spawning videos and usually it's white for ranchus. is it different for fantails? if my fantail is chasing my ranchu and black moor does that mean they are both females? i previously thought my black moor was a male. i'm planning to get a few eastcoastranchu fish for breeding in the future, will i be able to fertilize ranchu eggs with the fantail milt or will that create a fantail / ranchu mix? i've seen videos where a guy handspawns ryukin eggs and fertilizes them with both ryukin and oranda milt. thank you for reading!
  4. am not sure, i just don't want the baskets to intervene with my hood, i'm using corrugated greenhouse panels as my hood btw
  5. i saw this in thinfrog's video and i really want to set this up. this is a very dumb question but where can i find something like this with the sticky on the back? i'm planning to put filter media and frogbit as he did in his video, as they'll remove ammonia etc. how much would something like this help my tank? if i'm going to commit and buy it i want to make sure it does a good job. i don't mind it being in my aquarium, i simply want the best for my fish's health. planning to raise ranchu! i have my 90 gallon tank already set up! this may be a very stupid thread but.............
  6. wowo i love this community, you guys are the best. thank you so much man i really do appreciate it!
  7. wow, thank you! i was very anxious about the stand collapsing but this reassured me. we filled the tank and it didn't explode (yay) but haven't tried it on the stand. for the vertical supports, i'd say they're sturdy as we had to hammer them in to make them fit. even without nails it would take a bit of effort to take them out, as they are a basically perfect fit.
  8. also this is very random but if i apply a background on the back will it automatically make the ground that background color or do i also have to put background on the bottom, too?
  9. i've just finished building this stand with my dad for my 90 gallon aquarium in which i bought used. i got both of them for very cheap which is good! i bought a polar aurora 525 gph filter to run my tank, everything is coming along perfectly but i simply have anxiety as to if the stand will hold. we used general purpose screws and it looks very sturdy by itself, but the aquarium is like 1000 pounds... yikes. if i could get any reassurance or if anyone can give me an estimate as to how much weight this can hold i would greatly appreciate it. i know this sounds very stupid but....... i have no words honestly. will the polar aurora suffice for my tank? i'm planning to keep 8 adult ranchus in this tank, so. i'm also planning to go bare bottom. the tank i got is from aquarium masters, will the aqueon versa fit it? planning to do a bit of small scale breeding, where can i find the highest quality ranchu? i'm looking for thai lionchu / buffalo head, eastcoastranchu doesn't have any in stock, king koi and goldfish's stock have weird backs etc. i really love lemonheads and ranchus with compact bodies.
  10. alright, i've drafted my plan; will get 3 thai ranchu from ECR, 2 male 1 female (or should it be 1 male 2 female?) groom them regularly until 3-4 months later in which i will (hopefully) find them breeding. of course i will encourage them through upping the water temp in very small increments and feeding very well. alongside this i will do 100% water changes every 3 days. what are the chances that one or a couple are insterile if i take this method? i will feed them bloodworms, azayaka pellets, duckweed, etc.
  11. er im sorry i meant her baby ranchu set. i'm only looking for thai baby ranchu, but she only sells the baby set in chinese calico. obviously she has many different types of ranchu juveniles but that would be more expensive right? if i wanted to start breeding i'm probs have to get at least 3 juvenile fish and the chances that they'll breed isn't guaranteed.
  12. i want to begin my breeding journey, but it seems that there are no side view thai ranchu available online. the only ranchu babies i see for sale are from ranchu notes, and although they are beautiful they are unfortunately top view. i'm not looking for calico, just red and white if anybody could refer me to a facebook user / website that will sell me a batch of 8 (ish) high quality thai SVR i would be beyond grateful! are there any other ways to approach this? if i simply got two ranchu (one female, one male) what are the chances they would breed / male is insterile / female is unwilling to breed?
  13. thank you! i just am worried bc i hope he's not a full lionhead, he definitely has early wen growth and the straight straight back. i'm hoping he turns out to look something like the first image but maybe with a few imperfections.
  14. i'm going to commit and try to breed my first batch of ranchu, and this is how i (plan) to go along doing it! advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated! - obtain a batch of several baby ranchu, all from the same breeder. (gary hater, or ranchu notes) - raise them in large bins, 4 inches of water, feeding them 1-3 times a day with a diet consisting of brine shrimp, bloodworms, and later hikari pellets & repashy. - continue to raise and groom them until they are ultimately ready to be placed in the 75g aqueon aquarium, deepening their back curves and providing more space. - raise until they reach maturity, in which (hopefully) around 1 year old they will begin to show breeding behavior, and chase eachother around the tank. (hopefully my batch will include a good ratio of male and female; i will ask the breeder) - i will let them breed naturally in a separate breeding tank container, if i am unsuccessful i may use the hand breeding method, in which hopefully that succeeds. - my fry will hatch and i will (hopefully) raise them successfully, i may keep a few of my personal favorite fry and sell many other (HOPEFULLY) high quality other fry from my batches. i will cull the ones with deformities, etc. (i may sell those in bulk locally or to my local petshop). - continue to groom the fry i have kept until they reach maturity, and repeat the cycle of breeding them. (NOTE: throughout all this i will be doing 100% water changes every 4-7 days, etc) - i will keep certain selective fish that in my 75 gallon tank for myself, most likely the fish i have already bred. if there are any holes in my plan, please let me know. i'm not very knowledgeable on how inbreeding affects the quality of your fish, but i'm hoping to start a line from my original batch and if i meet the funds needed to start incorporating other lines into mine i will. ( i'm 14 years old, haha)
  15. named him deku haha. i want to get into the breeding hobby, i read all about ranchu and watched almost every video on youtube. i plan to have 2-3 very large bins to raise my fry, one being deep(er) than the other two so that i can get a nice curved back. all the ones i like i'll keep in a 75 gal and i'll sell the rest? would that be a good setup? (i'd be feeding them bloodworms, repashy, eggs, duckweed, etc. i have a few questions as to how to avoid inbreeding? is it hard to produce high quality fish by yourself because technically all of your fish come from two ranchus or...? how does that work?
  16. i've been wanting a ranchu for such a long time now and i finally got one on ebay for $26 USD (+shipping). his tail isn’t symmetrical, wondering if it’ll grow into being symmetrical? he’s all orange, since he’s young he still has the potential to change color, correct? his head growth looks great, but one anal fin is shorter than the other. he swims perfectly fine and is very active, i love him to death. just wondering if he’ll grow up to be normal or if his conditions are already normal!! thank you! by the way... if i feed him a diet of bloodworms, hikari sinking pellets, and steamed egg do you think he/she can reach a good body shape and overall health? i don't like the shape of a lionhead but it looks as if her penducle closely resembles one. i hear if you put the in 6-8 inch water it'll droop the tail a bit and make the body a bit rounder? idk plz help and give me your opinions! i personally think he/she is very cute i just want the best for em' and want him to grow big and fat! thank you!
  17. Thank you so much! I love him, do you think he will change colors any time soon? His tail peduncle is a bit bumpy, do you think it'll become more round in the future? I got him for 26 bucks including shipping
  18. not sure how old he is, but he’s about 2 inches in length. i’ve been wanting a ranchu for such a long time now and i finally got one on ebay for $26 USD. his tail isn’t symmetrical, wondering if it’ll grow into being symmetrical? he’s all orange, since he’s young he still has the potential to change color, correct? his head growth looks great, but one anal fin is shorter than the other. he swims perfectly fine and is very active, i love him to death. just wondering if he’ll grow up to be normal or if his conditions are already normal!! thank you! (first post)
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