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  1. hmm... I have metronidazole, maracy, kanamycin, blue methylene, penicillin ...., lots of antibiotics, but I don't know what their effect is 😄😄😄, which one do you think is most helpful in the case of bacterial infections
  2. Hi, I just wanted to provide some more pictures of his poop, recently he's turned upside down, can you give me some advice about medicine?
  3. i have bloodworm but he has been a vegetarian for a few days, should I continue to feed him vegetarian. Or can you show me another way, please
  4. OH no, sometimes i see some babies trying to bite his fins and his body.😱😱😱
  5. Hello, I have given him peas and duckweed for a few days now, he swimming looks good in a mini tank and very excited with peas. However, I took him into a large tank last night and everything went as bad as before, still with his head down, I'am sure that my water quality is very good, thanks large bioreact filters and do wc everyday. What should I do next.
  6. The babies have been added for 3 months, I will get him some peas and will update his status later, thank you very much.
  7. I live in remote areas so it's really hard to have an ammonia test kit but I have a PH test kit. PH: 7 temperature: 28 ° c Tank size: 1m long, 40 wide and 60 high 2 handmade bio filters with uv light. 20% water change every day There are 5 babies and 2 big guys in the tank. No more new fish. I feed them hikari twice a day. He is 2 years old and has not undergone any drug treatment, no salt or medication in the tank. There are no other symptoms of damage outside the body. he just stopped eating, weakly swim and snuggled into the dark corner of the pool when he stopped swimming then upside down. me and my goldie are very grateful if you help me, thanks a lot.
  8. Please help my goldfish. Recently he has been refusing to eat, snuggling in corners, listless, and sometimes he upside down but still atthe bottom. I noticed his poop is sometimes white and very long. what should I do now The water parameters are still very good. I don't know what happened to him, pls help.
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