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  1. When I got her in December, I immediately noticed the issue, but since then it has gotten worse. Today she was struggling to turn over so I removed her from the tank. Here is a link to a video: https://s.amsu.ng/Iw05QWYqE9yN Any suggestions?
  2. Be on the lookout for eggs! I got one of my female butterfly telescope in January, since then my male has been chasing her! He leaves the other two females alone, he only wants her. They have already given me some babies
  3. Wow 10 years old!? I hope my goldfish live as long. Wouldnt the external factors affect all of them? I think the deformities could have also been from when I transfered them to the tank? Not too sure and I will probably never know.
  4. I am glad I am not alone! I had a lot of fry with crooked spines. I am not sure if they were born that way, or something happened? Another one of my theories is that it happened because their parents are still young? I am not sure. I then had two with bladder issues... Wow 8 years? Do you still have him? That sounds fun! I will check it out My grandmother taught me a few things, I can understand most of it.
  5. Thank you! When I first counted my fry, I thought I only had 50, but then I culled a bunch, did a recount, and still had 50! So who knows how many I really had. How do you cull your fry? I have a few that probably need to go, but they are getting bigger... When they were really small I was placing them back in the tank with the other goldfish... My family is from Abruzzo and Calabria.
  6. I know they aren't perfect (I've gotten comments about their tails), but I still love these little guys. They are from the first spawn between my pair and I have never done this before, so I think I did ok How many do you have? I have considered getting a pond or little pool for my other fry (the ones I should probably cull, but I can't bring myself to do it). My father's side of the family is from Italy, I hope to go one day. Here in California we are supposed to remain at home, we should only leave for "essentials." Luckily, I have most of what I need. There are pet stores that allow pick up or delivery.
  7. How are your babies doing? Here is an updated pic of some of my fry:
  8. My fry are now 7 weeks. Here are some updated pics :)
  9. Thank you! I actually had them in a 10 gallon and had to cull the majority (a lot of spine deformities), then moved them to the 20 gallon they are in now. I know that is still not big enough, so to compensate, I am doing a daily water change. I only have one pair that are spawning, but they have already had three batches of fry. The 35 fry I have now are the first group, I only found one fry in the tank from the second spawning, and 5 from the third. I only used a spawning mop the first time, so Im sure the eggs from the second and third either got eaten or sucked up by the filter. Good luck with all your babies!
  10. I'm sorry I thought I included that! They are 1 month old. 3-2-20. How many fry do you have? How many gallons is your tank? I just found 5 new fry in my goldfish tank...
  11. I have 35 butterfly telescope goldfish fry. They all range in size, some with much bigger bellies than others. The largest are about an inch (including tail) and have a full belly. The smallest are about 3/4" but do not have much of a belly. Are they around the size they should be at this age? I haven't found much about this online, so if you have any information or a source I would love to know about it Here is one of my little fatties <3
  12. Thanks Mikroll. Yeah I knew a 10 gallon wasn't going to be good enough for too long.... I currently have a 45 gallon with 4 butterfly telescope (the parents and two other females), a 45 gallon with tropical community fish, and a 20 gallon with waaaaay too many danio fry, but I guess I will need another tank!
  13. My butterfly telescope goldfish fry are about 2.5 weeks old. I have about 40 ish, not sure, it is difficult to count them. They are in a 10 gallon tank and I am doing frequent water changes, but I wanted to know how many of them I can raise successfully in this size tank.
  14. They are only 2 weeks old, but I already had to cull a lot of them due to crooked spines. A few have also died on their own (most of the ones I have found dead were really small or crooked). I probably still have 30+ not sure it's hard to count them. They are in a 10 gallon and I am doing frequent water changes, but I am not sure how many I can sustain in there and for how long... Half of them are starting to look like chubby little fish, but I also have some that don't seem to be growing
  15. Thanks! I have a little less than 100 fry. I think i removed the spawning mop prematurely so some of the eggs were not fertilized and several eggs got eaten by their parents it is the first time I breed goldfish, so it is all a learning experience. I also recently bred danios (on accident) so I learned a but from that process.
  16. Thank you! A few of them look like the pictures you posted of your ryukin which is a relief, but there are probably a few that I have to keep an eye on. On a different forum I read that if the crooked spine can be seen from above then it is a problem. On that first little guy it was pretty bad from above
  17. I have 4 butterfly telescope goldfish, 3 females (Bambi, Spike, and Pearl) and 1 male (Bowie). They are each about 3.5 inches including their tail. About a month ago I noticed that Bowie had breeding tubercles and was chasing one of my females (Pearl) who had also recently become a little plumper. Here they are - Bowie is the calico and Pearl is the red/orange and white. Although I thought they were too young/small to breed, I decided to make a spawning mop just in case. At first, I didn't see any eggs, then one morning both of them were caught inside of the spawning mop and it was full of eggs! I freaked out, got them out, and removed the mop. Turns out I might have removed it prematurely because some of the eggs were not fertilized and ended up turning white. I picked out the ones that appeared to be fertilized and put them in a separate tank. About 1 week ago all of the goldfish eggs that I moved over to the other tank hatched! At first, they all looked straight. But now I am starting to see what may be a deformity? I am not exactly sure what shape I should be looking for. I pulled a few out that look like this: But there are also others that have a slight curve, but are not wavy like the one above. I am not exactly sure what I should be looking for as far as their shape. If you have a picture of a healthy fry, that would help a lot! Thank you!
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