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  1. EDIT- I recognized this as anchor worms. I wan Che’s a bunch of videos and read a ton of info and with a steady hand I removed the heads of the two stuck on him. Juriyah, my goldfish, came from PetSmart and I understand that once it’s been infected with anchor worm, it may have laid many eggs. I understand that dimilin with hell rod the eggs but I’m not sure the ratios to use and how often before I’m safe. Should I put it in my main tank or just with the infected fish??
  2. Hey, I’m very familiar with tropical fresh water tanks and recently switched out my 10 gallon tank to a 29 gallon so I could get a goldfish. I just bought a standard Oranda from PetSmart where they said they take extra good care of them and even had very large ones. So I bought everything, set up the tank, added conditioner and bacteria starter, acclimated my fish, and added the existing fish I had from before which are three tetras and two mini danios. I added an algae eater the worker recommended me at petsmart then added my Oranda. I’ve kept an eye on the tank all day and just now I noticed two things sticking out of my Oranda’s scales. I have no idea what they are, I’ve never seen them. My tanks PH is somewhere from 6.8-7.2. I just use the test strips from Walmart. Please let me know what it is. TL;DR: I’m a new owner. There’s something coming out of my Oranda and I don’t know what it is.
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