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  1. Well, I've heard that it strengthens the immune system and helps with appetite...that's what I want it for.
  2. Hello everyone! Does anyone know a recipe for making garlic water and tell me how to preserve it? Also how and how often should I use it? Thank you all!
  3. Hello everyone, does anyone know if I can feed my oranda gammarus by Sera or Tetra that is meant to be fed to turtles? I'm worrying that there could be any special additives for the turtles that could harm my fish😔. Thank you in advance!!!
  4. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! I'm a new goldfish keeper and I got my goldfish about 2 months ago, a small oranda. The past 3 weeks I've noticed that he has been staying at the bottom of the tank, at the very same spot for quite a long time every day. I've read that this may be a reaction to stress, but there are no stress factors, I mean nothing has changed, the water parameters, the temperature, the food are all the same. The spot he's staying at is not a hiding spot, there's no decoration, just gravel. Also, there are no signs of disease. His appetite remains the same, he loves food, when he swims he does so in a playful way and there are no physical signs that would indicate he's sick. Has anyone ever faced something like that? Any idea of what this behaviour actually is?
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