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  1. Thanks. Never heard of them but I’m definitely gonna look into them. Great feedback from everyone. Trying to get this tank started up soon. Kind of a xmas gift to myself
  2. In that case would it be better to just get the AC110? More flow and it would do all the work needed. Or Would you recommend more than one filter for backup purposes?
  3. Thanks. I was just looking into sponge filters but wasn’t sure how good they are. I might go ahead with this route and get an ATI hydro sponge 3 for starters
  4. I’m going to be setting up a new 40 gallon tank with 2 goldfish. Gonna be running an Aqua Clear 70 with this setup. However, the 70 has a flow rate of 300 gph, I need to make up for the remaining 100 gph needed for this tank size. Any suggestions on extra source of filtration to get sufficient amount of flow? Not really looking to buy a canister filter as second source because they seem over my budget for now. Maybe eventually but right now I’m just trying to get this tank cycled and ready. Thanks in advance
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