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  1. Thank you to both of you, you both helped so much even if she did go, thank you
  2. Thanks for the advice both FishyMandy and Koko. Unfortunately, she just passed yesterday morning.. . this is the salt I was using, I thought because it was aquarium salt it was epsom, but now I’m not sure.. :/
  3. She has found a way to position herself under the flow of the filter which is in the corner to keep herself submerged, so that’s good, and I started treating her with some salt in her water and may try the Epsom as well.. I will consider putting her down. She’s a very intelligent sweet fish so I’d rather get her better, but I’ll seriously consider it since all of this has her in a painful position and like you’ve said, she could easily be in this position again.. :/ Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it!!
  4. If she is past help, I would consider finding a humane way to let her go. I have some fish anesthesia I use for my puffer fish that I could possibly give her an overdose of, which seems like it might be a painless death.. :/
  5. Just got back from a short trip to Duluth (My parents took care of her while I was gone), and she is looking much much worse... Do you think she is still treatable if I start immediately?? Thanks again for all the help, I really appreciate it!!
  6. Here are some pictures of her in her current state. She is pretty tired these days and often floats in one spot for extended periods of time. She also has a few red spots on her wen, some discoloration and raggedness of her fins, and some red stuff on her underbelly where she either rubs on the bottom of the tank or isn’t exposed when she floats at the top and it sticks out of the water. She does look a little bit better than it did beforehand so started the treatment however and she isn’t still eating.
  7. I can, that was a typo, my bad lol.. I will try that and get back sometime this week to let you guys know how things are going!
  8. Thanks for the advice. I don’t have a shallow tank, would lowering the level in her current fish tank and putting in a sponge filter work instead? I can do more frequent water changes..
  9. Sorry, just one more piece of information: I turned the 20 gallon tank both fish got sick in into a snail and daphnia culture tank as food for my puffers and goldfish. So far, the cultures haven’t been negatively impacted, however I am using a different filter. I will consider thoroughly cleaning the filters that were in the 20 gallon before though.
  10. Thanks for the advice about not crossing used stuff btw Koko!! 😊 Hard to know how much small things have an effect.
  11. Sorry for the late reply! Blue is doing much better now, thanks for asking 😄 I have moved all my fish back home from the dorms and he has been rejoined with the rest of his friends in my 75 gallon tank. There are currently 6 goldfish in there. The other fish who also got sick, Sugarpea, is currently not doing so well... She is alone in the 27 gallon and I have been treating the water with a bacterial medication called “Microbe Life Artemiss” that the guy at Petco recommended. She had swim bladder issues actually when I first got her and despite trying frozen peas and feeding sparingly, she has not gotten any better, often swimming upside down and floating at the top of her tank or resting upside down on the bottom.. She is a pretty big, round Thai Oranda, advertised as a “show fish” and I was hoping to possibly help her, but I haven’t been able to. After getting sick, she has been especially lethargic however, whereas before she still had a lot of spirit despite her swimming condition.. One specific question in regards to her - to make her ability to find food and get around easily, I’ve kept her tank mostly bare, but that seems a little depressing.. :/ Would decorating it possibly be more humane? I’m not sure how much aesthetics affect goldfish. Thanks again for all the help!! Much appreciated . 🙂
  12. Okay, thank you for the advice, I will try that out. A different fish that was in the 20 gallon is also starting to get similar reddish symptoms so I’m thinking either the 20 gallon has something in there or the water quality maybe isn’t as good as I thought.. I took the second fish out of the 20 gallon and I am acclimating her to the water in the 27 gallon which tested 0 on ammonia and nitrites and very low on nitrates. I am also using melafix in that tank so I slowly put some in her Tupperware I’m transferring her in so that she can adjust to that as well.
  13. Yes, I am worried about him too. He went through a small bout of fin rot after I used a bacterial medicine to help his tankmate about a month ago (I don’t have the name of the medication on hand) but it’s API brand. He got reddish fins then too, but started to heal after I adjusted him from the medicated water to normal water. I thought he was completely fine at this point, but the red bottom fins seem similar to what he had before, so I think he still may not be all the way better :/ Anyone have any ideas on how a I could help him? Thank you!!
  14. I found Soku dead this morning, so I won’t be needing any help anymore Thanks!
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