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  1. Thanks! I just did a salt bath. I will try MB if no improvement😊
  2. My ranchu, Rosie, has had white pimple like growths on her wen for over a week. These come & go and I thought it was normal wen growth. Today, I noticed that she has a red lesion on her wen. I’m afraid it might be hexamita. She is eating normally, but seems slightly isolative. I will include a pic of the lesion. Tank Parameters: 65 gal tank with 4 small/med ranchu and 1 Japanese trapdoor snail. There are live plants and a sand substrate. The tank has been running for about 18 months. No new additions except a few plants that were dipped in a bleach solution and quarantined before adding to the tank. pH= 8.2(stable), Ammo=0, Nitrite=0, Nitrate= 5. KH=11 drops(normal), GH= 20 drops(normal). I do 25-30% water changes every other day. I feed a variety of foods: Rapashy Super Gold 2x/day, fresh veggies, frozen blood worms/daphnia/brine shrimp as snacks, Hikari Fancy GF pellets occasionally. I use Prime or Ultimate conditioner. If this is Hexamita, how do I treat it? I have a variety of meds- ParaGuard, salt, Furan-2, Maracyn, General Cure, Kanaplex, Metroplex, Ich-x. I haven’t used anything but ParaGuard 2 days last week(seemed to help). Thanks for your help!
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