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  1. Thank you all so much for the insight! I'm not experienced with goldfish (or injured fish in general) so I doubt he would've made it with me, especially with it being that severe! I had no idea how bad it actually was but it's very good to know, thank you all again!
  2. Thank you and sorry about that! This post it ended up turning out a lot different than I'd first planned, hence posting here but in hindsight I definitely agree. The owner is selling the fish and the tank so I doubt they'll be willing to do much to help it unfortunately, let alone buy another tank. What do you think it's odds of survival would be if I took it in and started treating it appropriately? And on that note, what would be the best course of action for treating it at this point?
  3. Keep in mind, this is not my fish but rather one I am thinking about taking on if I can help it so please forgive the lack of information here. There are 5 Oranda Goldfish in a (90 Litre/23 US Gallon) Aqua One AR-620, all of which range from roughly 9-17cm from tip to tail. Tank has a lot of algae buildup, particularly on corners of the tank, filter and ornaments. They were being fed at the time of photos being taken so water is quite messy- can't be sure of how often it's like that. Regardless, there's one fish slightly smaller than most of the group (is a tad bigger than the 9cm) who has two damaged eyes that look like they aren't going to make it and I'm unsure of whether or not it'd benefit from coming into my care or not. I have a 10gal hospital tank I could put it in, or if it's healthy enough and I really need to I could move my axolotl to the 10gal and put the goldfish into my 30gal until I can find it a home. I don't really have anything for you to go on aside from the information I provided and some pictures. I'd really like to know what people though about whether or not it'd survive (and recover) in it's current environment? If it looks promising I'm happy enough to leave it there as I'd have to ship it to me and wouldn't want to cause unnecessary stress but if its not likely to survive where it is I'd like to take it on and try and help.
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