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  1. https://imgur.com/gallery/P9uiomv this is him now ! :)
  2. I was actually just coming back to update, so I saw some of the dark spots go away, so I figured I’d just wait it out before I medicated him because it seemed like he was healing. I got test strips for the water until I can afford the liquid kind and watched the water as best as I could. Then day by day everything started disappearing. He doesn’t have any more spots at all, not even the ones on his face. He’s been spotless for two days now and his behavior is so much more laid back and happy. He’s doing very well and he no longer flashes. :) Thank you very much for your help though !
  3. Also, his poop is normal colored. Not white or anything.
  4. I won a goldfish from the fair a few weeks ago, I know... I can already hear the collective sighs. I’ve just been really wanting a fish lately, and I just wanted to save this little guy from his inevitable death via tiny fishbowl. So, I brought the lil guy home, and unfortunately had to leave him in his tiny tank for a day. I didn’t change the water like a fool, the next day I moved him into a temporary bowl to buy myself some time to set up a 10 gallon just because I could tell he was getting sick in the tank. He was better for a little bit of course, eventually once again he was dealing with too much ammonia, I did lots of water changes but it was just stressing him out more and not helping as much. So I put together the 10 gallon tank and didn’t cycle it (more sighs) but I did pour SafeStart in there, the reason I didn’t give it a week to cycle was because I was panicking and I wanted him in there ASAP. I added a filter with a rain bar to agitate the waters surface and live plants to increase the amount of oxygen and got him a Little Rock to hide in. It wasn’t much, but I did it as quickly as I could. I acclimated him in there for an hour and then set him free. Immediately I saw a change in his behavior, he was swimming around, eating for the first time in three days, foraging, exploring, no longer gasping for air at the bottom of the tank. I was so happy that that day I named him Joy. Soon after though, I noticed little Joy was missing some scales; I looked it up and found out it was due to ammonia burns from when he was in his other enclosures. Then I started noticing these brown/black flat spots on his skin and also found out that that was part of the healing process. But here’s my main issue: he has these two raised circles that look like that here perfectly placed around his nostrils. I’ve added another live plant to his tank, two more places for him to hide, and 6 ghost shrimp. At first he only had one weird nostril thing, but after I added all that he now has two. And he’s been doing a couple strange things, flashing and rubbing against gravel and plants (I’ve only seen him do this twice), randomly rapidly opening and closing his mouth for a very short period of time, and that’s really about it. He’s been swimming and foraging normally, no clamped fins, he’s eating normally as well. He gets along with the shrimp and loves his new plants and hiding spots. I’m just afraid those nostril things are something more serious than ammonia burns. Also, I do water changes every two days and also feed him peas every two days. He’s been in this new tank for two weeks. I will include pictures, also, unfortunately since I’m so new to this and so broke and test strips and liquids are every expensive; I don’t have parameters for you guys I do have ammonia test strips, and it always seems to match up with the “Safe” color. https://imgur.com/gallery/urzHg8w
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