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  1. Thanks for your note. The fish was actually silver to start with, then turned gold because the pellets had a color enhancing additive or something. As I mentioned, the bump is gone and the scales are regrowing. He actually seems pretty happy. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you for your note. That is very helpful. I did a water change this morning and added a half teaspoon of epsom salt. We will watch and see! Six months with dropsy is a long time. Did you keep the fish in a hospital tank all that time or return him/her to her normal tank? I ask because it seems to me that the fish in the hospital tank is quite bored with the surroundings. Thanks again.
  3. It's been awhile but I need to post an "epilogue" to my earlier question. My "goldfish" has become entirely silver. She has recovered entirely, with just a slowly re-scaling spot as a memento of her misadventure.
  4. I have a goldfish with severe dropsy. The subject lives with two other goldfish in a 20 gallon tank. He is the largest and has grown to be 8" long; the other two are about 5" long. The water quality is regularly maintained and measures well. One of the fish (I forget which) developed dropsy over the spring and I successfully treated that one with Kanoplex. I caught this goldfish early also and so was hopeful, however. the disease has progressed. The goldfish has "inflated" over the past couple weeks. He actually looks worse than the photo below but seemed happy and was eating normally so I left him in the tank with his family. Finally, four days ago I moved him into a hospital tank. He continues to eat although he does not like the hospital tank. My question is: will my goldfish "get better"? Or he forever look like a giant golden pinecone? When will it be safe to return him to the regular tank with his family? Thank you!
  5. One of the goldfish has had a tough time recently. He has been losing color. This guy was originally all silver but turned gold when I changed the goldfish food. That is okay I think. A couple months ago he had a minor case of dropsy (pine cone appearance just starting to develop) but I treated him promptly, following advice from this site from a year ago. It worked and he recovered! (Hallelujah!) He now has a bump on his side, which is clearly evident on the photos. I did not see it arise. It does not seem to have gotten bigger in the past week. He is an active swimmer and eats fine (although he seems to sometimes bump into food rather than eat it). I have three goldfish in a 20 gallon tank - one of which has grown like topsy and is three times his size The tank is cleaned weekly and 50% of the water replaced. The water tests fine. There are no plants in the tank and no fish have been introduced into the tank for a couple years. What is this bump? Will it go away? Do I need to do something to make it better? Thank you!
  6. I am posting an update because Fishy worries me still. He/she doesn't move very much. Just sits at or near the bottom of the tank. At least he does when the light is on; when I see him with the light off, he seems to be more likely to be swimming about. He is eating (but not when I am watching.) I have checked the water and the pH, ammonia, nitrates and nitrites all seem to be where they should be. The heater is small for the tank so it is probably around 78 degrees at the top of the tank and a couple degrees colder at the bottom. He does appear to have lost a few scales, but I believe that was mostly from when he was in the hospital tank and freshly returned to his own tank and crashing from end to end. What are your expert ideas? My thoughts are that he a) may not like the light and me staring at him, b) he prefers the cold in the bottom, c) he is lonely, d) ??? Thank you!
  7. Fishy is ready to go back to his aquarium home. He is swimming more happily and eating greedily. I have changed 80% of the water in the aquarium and emptied the water (but not the slime) from the filter. I have thoroughly cleaned the rocks at the bottom. I will test the water before moving fishy. Should I maintain the aquarium at the 78 degrees of the hospital tank or let it revert to room temperature? Is there anything else I should be mindful of when moving fishy? Thank you for ALL of your help! I hope that nothing untoward befalls the remaining goldfish!
  8. Thank you for your note. He is showing more activity. Fortunately, he has taken back up his favorite hobby: eating. The food that I put in for him is all vanishing. Evidently, the eating habits of my goldfish are a bit like the boiling habits of a watched pot.
  9. I'm sorry for the delay. I was hoping to get some help taking a pic of the goldfish that you requested - will need the extra pair of hands and will try again tomorrow! I have attached a picture of the surviving goldfish as best I was able to take it while doing the water change. When I disturb him, he swims rapidly and rather violently around the container, bouncing a bit into the walls. Then he goes pretty quiet. Usually, he keeps his face close to the plastic wall of his storage container. He does not show the interest in food that he used to. But he does appear to be eating some. He really does not have much of a history. He came from the pet store a couple years back and for the most part seemed really pretty happy for a goldfish. He and his companion were active and always swimming and loved to eat! The only treatments to which he has been subjected were incidental exposure to anti-algae stuff to try to keep the green stuff under control that liked growing in the aquarium. (Yes, I did follow the instructions on use.) Yes, the other fish passed away, looking rather bloated and bruised. He/she is now buried in the backyard "pet cemetery," I'm afraid.
  10. He is pretty quiet so far as I can see. Unfortunately, I can't attach an mp4 video but it isn't much different from this picture. (I had to take it from above because of the milky storage container sides.)
  11. Good evening. Not good news, I am afraid. The sick guy appears dead or dead-ish. Eyes not clouded over but not moving. The antibiotics have not yet arrived. I ordered these from Vector Aqua / Super Cichlids with guaranteed Friday delivery - based upon my email correspondence, they appear rather fuzzy on the meaning of "guarantee." The other guy is not happy. I expect that he water changes and excitement have not been the high point of his week. I am not sure how much he is eating. He does not show physical signs of dropsy. I am keeping the pH around 7.6 and the heater running at 78. Should he continue in the hospital tank through 14 days?
  12. I am afraid that I am losing "Dropsy." He/she is still moving her mouth etc but on her side. Both fish seem to gravitate to the air stone.
  13. Alrighty, here is the update. I have established a hospital tank of about 10 gallons. Added about 1/2 teaspoon Epsom salt. Both fish are in the hospital tank (they did not want to go!). Hospital tank pH is at room temperature, same as the aquarium - around 72 degrees. I have plugged in the fixed temperature heater so it will eventually get to 78 degrees. The pH of the hospital tank was equalized to the pH of the aquarium. Interestingly, the aquarium pH was no longer at ~6.5 but around 7.4/7.6! This made no sense to me until I tested the tap water. Tap water is at about 8.0 so, when I did the 80% water change, I unwittingly (as in too many things goldfish related) raised the aquarium pH. The good news, at least, is that the pH is now around where I understand that it belongs. (As an editorial, I hate the API water tests: how brown is brown and how blue is blue?) I needed to add API "pH Down" to the hospital tank to get pH below 8.0. The hospital tank is unfiltered, has a long air stone bar in it, and has a light on the top. Kanaplex has shipped. Incidentally, the one fish seems to have gotten more lively over the past day or so; the one with dropsy has seen happier days. I gather that I need to do daily water changes to make up for the lack of filtration. About what percentage needs to be swapped out each day? And what other orders can you provide the nursing staff? Thank you!
  14. Thank you. I am waiting for the temperature of the hospital tank to get to room temperature. Should the water in the tank be all new or a mix with water from the aquarium?
  15. Oh yes, in my reading I have seen mention of Epsom salts in the water. Is this contraindicated?
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