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  1. My fish had had strange lumps on her sides for a few days everyone I talked to said injury but I figured parasite I waited in case it was an injury but there are more that appeared and they only got bigger and her scales are raised in those spots they kinda look like pimples her anus is red and swollen I know that's not normal and it wasn't like that yesterday today she was sitting at the bottom then she was going belly up and no balance at all so I have her propped up as I've read if she's up side down to long shell die I have no idea what to do I won't be feeding her for a while I've been worried about this for over a week now of the other fish are sick I have a 90 gal tank and aqueon 75 filter as well as a sponge the tank is at 72 and the water parameters are all normal no clamped fins
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