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  1. Hi everyone, Something is wrong with my goldfish fry! Noticed these little white hair hanging from their chins, no where else. Could it be flukes or anchor worms? **What to treat it with and what's the dosage for fry? No signs of flashing or loss of appetite. Growth is very slow - although I'm not familiar with this enough to recognize what is the normal rate. Please help, Jennifer
  2. Hi all, I hope you can help my fancy goldies. This is my first encounter with ich. Day 1 (Fri) - Noticed ich on all of my fancy goldfish!! - slowly raised temperature up to 80F - slowly add 1 tbsp per 5 gallon (I had some salt as preventative, so I just did the difference) - fed soaked pellets in garlic Day 2 (Sat) - All goldfish are sitting at the bottom of the tank - not panting heavily though - raised canister filter's output higher above water level to create water movement and oxygenate tank more. The strong water flow made them more active but still sits eventually - removed everything out of the tank except for gravels - fed soaked pellets in garlic Day 3 (Sun) - Appearance of cyst increased - goldfish are scratching vigorously - did a 30% water change - add salt to the correct % of aged water added - fed soaked pellets in garlic - all goldfish's back fin drooped (not clamp shut) - tail fins look pale, I have one fish that is splitting a lot (doesn't look like fin rot). Had another big split shortly after water change. No observable bullies and only gravels in the tank. What else to do?? It's probably too soon. I'm trying really hard to not panick and rush anything or make new attempts because it'll probably make things worse. But it is so hard to stand by the sidelines and not being able to do more to help. 1) Has anyone raised the temperature higher than 80F for their fancy goldfish? I read it's possible to go up to 86F, true?? 2) I have 1 tbsp per 5 gallon. How much more salt can they handle? 3) Keep temperature at 80F and 1 tbsp per 5 gallon for 14 days? 4) Do about a 20% water change every other day? 5) If I run out of aged water, adding prime is okay? 6) In case after 14 days and ich seems to be resistant to heat and salt, what other medications and drastic measures can I take? 7) Increased of cyst, sitting at the bottom of the tank, fins splitting... are normal during treatment? Tank status - 45 gallon - 3 fancies (I'm cycling another tank atm) - gravel - api water test results for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate are in good range - elevated canister filter's output and 2 air stone pumps to oxygenate tank (planning to add two more if that helps in anyway) - temp: 80F - 9 tbsp of aquarium salt * pictures of goldfish to come Hope I can get some guidance and learn from your experiences! Thank you for your time! - Jennifer
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