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  1. I have two decently sized goldfish in a 65 gallon tank. Over the past three months I’ve gotten 4 rubberlip Plecos and each time they have died the longest lasting one lived about two and a half weeks. I checked the water levels and temperature before and after each Pleco, but I don’t see any reason they should be dying. My goldies can be pretty curious about new tank mates, but I have multiple hiding places that they can’t get into for the new Plecos to hide in if they want to. Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?
  2. I’m working on setting up my quarantine tank, but I’m having some issues getting a lid for the tank I have (it currently has a metal screened reptile lid) is it okay for me to use the reptile lid temporally until I can get a new lid? (I shouldn’t have any fish in it for at least a month)
  3. My sister was begging me to add her goldfish to my tank and I finally agreed yesterday, but only because my tank was bigger, and we got them at the same exact place so I assumed they would be fine together (they were also approximately the same size, and I couldn’t see any reason to Not put them together). However, when I added her fish, I noticed one of mine was chasing it around, staying underneath it and by its belly. This hasn’t happened frequently, but I noticed it when I put them together, and I noticed it at feeding time this morning. I’m still pretty new to fishkeeping, and although I think I’m making really good progress with my tank, I can say with absolute certainty that I don’t think I’m ready for mating goldfish and the extra challenges that are sure to follow... do I have to separate them again? Or will they be fine together?
  4. ...nvm... I left it alone for a hour or so while I was looking it up. I randomly decided to try plugging it in again and it decides to just start working like nothing ever happened... (I think my aquarium hates me)
  5. I’m looking to get some duckweed in a separate tank to use as treats for my goldies. However, I only have two 5 gallon tanks (besides my main 65 gal) and I’m not sure if a tank this size will be good for duckweed since I’ve been told it grows rapidly. Someone also said it would be a good idea to add a few smaller fish with the duckweed but never said what type and I’m not familiar enough with small fish to make an educated decision. Does anyone else grow duckweed like this who could help? - another option I’m considering is just putting some in my tank, but since I have three decently sized Goldie’s I’m afraid it wouldn’t last no matter How fast it grows...
  6. I have a canister filter and I was changed the filter media today and put in some top fin quartz bio balls but then the filter wouldn’t start when I put it back in the tank! It was making a loud, constant, clanging sound (the bio balls I assume) but it didn’t do anything else, I never saw any water leave the filter! I don’t know if I did something wrong or if I messed up my filter or something (I’ve not used this filter media before, but I thought I followed all the directions). If anyone has any experience with this, or any ideas on what I’m doing wrong I’d really appreciate it, thanks!
  7. Thanks so much! I've never had a goldfish change color before so my sister and I were pretty worried. Now we're just excited to see what his coloring ends up as!☺️
  8. My sister has a gray goldfish and earlier today noticed that he is losing his color! His stomach/lower half is now white! We’ve never really had any issues with goldfish before so I don’t know what to do! He seems to be acting normal, but I’m used to the behaviors of my fish more then hers... any advise?
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