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  1. Perfect. Thank you for all your help! I have all the stuff needed except the meds. They won’t be here until tomorrow. I do already have methylene blue & paraguard. Are they useful at all right now?
  2. Would 2- 5”+ butterflies be ok in a tank that small your first pic) for the duration of treatment?
  3. Got ya! My husband isn’t to keen on a separate hospital tank and wanted me to ask. thank you!
  4. I have one branch ornament that’s hollow, It’s not very big. My sand is about 3” thick. What are your thoughts on making medicated fish food that treats the fish directly instead of treating the water??
  5. I do have a live pothos plant in the back of the aquarium. Have had it in there for quite a while.
  6. Ok. I can still cancel the api. I will go and get all the stuff tonight for the tote. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hmmmm. I think it may be a bacterial or fungi infection just found this on Odin’s butt😩 I ordered some API melafix. It’ll be here tomorrow.
  8. I unfortunately don’t have the option for a hospital tank🥺
  9. Also could this be carp pox? And what is your opinion on aquarium salt? My sister told me to try that before using the paraguard.
  10. Not sure how accurate the tetra strips are for fishtanks (I bought them to test hardness for my sons cloth diapers) but it says between 7.2-7.8 for tap and tank water.
  11. Maybe I need to buy a new testing kit. This one is kinda old. I’ll go tonight and do that and post the readings from the new kit.
  12. Our water isn’t soft either it’s in the 350-400 range😱
  13. Hmmm. I didn’t know it was bad. Must be a Nebraska thing? I’ve had 2 of the fish since I first set up my tank over 4 years ago and have never had any fish die😔
  14. Oh! I cleaned the filters on 8/4. I also have a 45ish gal fluval canister filter in there.
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