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  1. So I ordered some baby water lettuce online and it just arrived. I put it in a 50% hydrogen peroxyde solution in the dark for 20 minutes. And then in a salt solution with a cup of salt per gallon for 15 seconds. Is that enough or should I quarantine the water lettuce?
  2. So update: Sushi (our new fish) is now in the main tank. The QT tank must have cycled in time / the additional media from the main filter cycled it. He was absolutely fine when my husband came back after 5 days. And my husband kept testing the water and changed it when the nitrates got too high. So proud of my hubbie by the way. Because the fish tanks are normally 100% mine. Sushi us doing well in the main tank. He enjoys the space to explore. Jaffa sadly only sees him as a mild inconvenience. But there isn't any real bullying going on. Sushi spent the first few days cuddling up to Jaffa. Then started nipping him a few times. But now they both just do there own thing. Which is a shame because I hoped they would be friends
  3. I just checked the first pictures I took and the pink area on his cheek was already there then.
  4. So a couple of complications. The filter doesn't seem to be fully cycled. I tested the water 3 days ago and got a reading of 0.5 nitrite and 0.5 ammonia. I did two 80% water changes. I tested again today. And got 0 nitrites. But 0.5 ammonia. So I took out some more media from my main filter and added it to the QT tank filter. Then did two 80% waterchanges on the qt tank However I noticed that my little fish has a pink patch on his cheek. And I can't remember it being there. So I am wondering if it's an ammonia burn. The other issue is that I found out that my dad has passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. So we need to travel to the UK for his funeral on Saturday. My husband will be returning after five days. But I will be there for an unknown length of time sorting paperwork. Both ranks will be without us for 5 days.
  5. Oh. That's a good idea. It's just that the heater is made of glass. So i didn't want it being bashed about. But ill try it with the stone. I already have an airstone in there. The sexing isn't really important. I was just curious. Although I am worried about the size difference and Cinders getting bashed about by Jaffa during any potential mating
  6. Thank you @Arctic Mama @dahling8and @FishyMandy He is a Bristol Shubunkin . We are thinking if calling him / her Cinders but are still working on the name. I switched off the heater because it just didn't feel safe and dangling it without suction cups doesn't work. The temperature this morning is at 20C/68F. But we had a very cold day yesterday. I tested the water a few hours after I put him in and had ammonia at 0 but a bit of nitrite (barely at 0.25). I tested again in the evening and both ammonia and nitrite were 0. I have been dosing with seachem stability too. Not sure it will help but it can't harm right? I did order a small canister filter before I saw your post @Arctic Mama. It's rated at 400l/h. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01N4BC1R5?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title The QT tank is 40l litres/ 10 gallon. At the moment I am running the seeded HOB on the tank. Should I move the media into the new canister filter? I was thinking I could then put the small canister filter on my main tank once I move the new fish. To help the main tank cope with the new bioload. Oh. Any advice on sexing our new waterbaby?
  7. Our new waterbaby has arrived!!! He / She keeps swimming behind the heater. I don't know whether to take the heater out so he / she doesn't get stuck and burn herself. But then the temperature will drop. I must admit the fish is a little smaller than I expected. I hope Jaffa and him / her willhet along
  8. I posted the wrong link for the booster filter https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00CMQ7UL2?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image#aw-udpv3-customer-reviews_feature_div
  9. And if a fish gets sick, I could probably put some mechanical filtration in the main filter. Then seed the booster filter with some biological media from the big filter and run it on the hospital tank?
  10. Actually I have come across another option that I think might be perfect. This is a small filter from all pond solution that can be used as a "booster filter", similar to the incorporated pre-filter in the oase filter. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01N4BC1R5?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image The idea is that you put all your mechanical filtration in this smaller filter and then the big filter can be completely filled with material to house the biological filtration. So when you mainly clean the small booster filter and don't need to touch your biological filtration all too often. I always get a mini cycle after cleaning the filter. So this should help with that. Plus make the maintenance of my tank easier. Plus it increases the filtration
  11. Thank you. I'll give the filter of my main tank a clean and then use some of the material to seed the QT tank in that case. I assume I should still do daily water tests and changes at the start until things have balanced themselves out? I have hooked up a hang-on filter to the QT tank. But this means I can't close the lid. So I was wondering if there was a way to seed a sponge filter. This would allow me to close the lid and give the new fish some privacy and would also be gentler in terms of waterflow
  12. I currently have a 300l tank with a All Pond Solution 2000EF rated for a 1000L tank with a flow rate of 2000L/h. I was watching a youtube channel and came across the Oase Biomaster Filter. It's rated for a 600 L tank with a flowrate of 1250L/h. The advantage is that it has a pre-filter section that can pop out for easy ckeaning. This would make maintaining the tanks a lot easier. But is the filter strong / big enough for my aquarium? https://www.amazon.co.uk/BioMaster-600-External-Aquarium-Filter/dp/B01FMCDWZA/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=oase%2Bfilter&qid=1600759880&sprefix=oase%2Bf&sr=8-3&th=1&psc=1
  13. Hi everyone, I am hoping for some input. Almost a year ago one of my goldfish sadly passed away, after we moved house. Since then the other goldfish has been lonely without a buddy. It took me a long time to get over the loss (I don't think I am yet). But I think it isn't fair to keep my goldfish alone without a friend. So I am thinking of getting him a buddy. But it's been a very long time since I got a fish and I am feeling very nervous. I don't want any losses. I am setting up a quarantine tank but can't decide whether to seed the filter or not. The advantage of course is not exposing the new fish to rising ammonia. But the disadvantage is that the new stressed fish could get exposed to flukes / bacteria that exist in my main tank. The other question is how long do I need to quarantine the new fish for. Are 4 weeks enough? Also, do I start treatments immediately or wait and observe first? If I treat, against what and with what (I live in the UK). Finally Jaffa is a pretty big fish by now (about 20cm / 8 inches). How small / big a fish do I need to get to ensure that they get along?
  14. So he is continuing to swim and interact. He eats morning and evening. I still don't see much poo. His tail is still streaked. How long will I continue giving him metronidazole
  15. That being said he still looks pink to me and his veins are quite prominent in his tail and fins. I also haven't seen any poo eventhough he is eating. Unless it's all being broken down by the bubbler. 🤔
  16. Jaffa was doing a lot better today. As far as I could tel he was swimming all day. He got excited everytime we approached the tank. And has been eating. I am about to do today's water change
  17. Changed the water after work yesterday and redosed the water with the medecine. He went through stages of bottom sitting and swimming. But he did eat. This morning he is swimming so far and ate when I fed him. The water still keeps getting cloudy overnight. I want to change it. But am worried I will run out of meds if I have to redose twice a day
  18. I have returned home to find him back to bottom sitting. The water was cloudy again. I did change the water again. I hope that was ok. He still looks pink to me from the top. But to be fair I am not sure how he used to look from above as he was in a much bigger tank.
  19. Jaffa was a little more active last night. Swimming quite a bit between sitting on the bottom. I woke up this morning to find the water in the hospital tank to be clouded. I have no idea why. The only thing I changed was add the new heater last night. So I changed the water 90% then 70%. And redosed with metronidazole. Jaffa was very active almost excitable this morning. He kept swimming from corner to corner (the tank us probably too small for him) and did his feed me dance. So we fed him a tiny bit and he ate it all. I am hoping this means things are on the up. Oh the ph in the hospital tank is between 6-7 but more towards 7 really. (Yellow tending more to orange than green)
  20. I don't know if the pictures help. I didn't take the before pictures in very good light
  21. The photos above show him now. He doesn't look as pink in them. And he didn't look as pink as he did when we were changing the water.
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