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  1. I understand that researching before buying them should have happened but I genuinely trusted the man at the pet shop and I’m so upset with myself that I have possibly cause my damage than good to these babies. I now see he was trying to get rid of stock and had no cares about the well-being of the fish. He assured me that I could easily care for this many fish and that it’s be no different to owning my one fantail. I feel betrayed and am very worried about me now being a trash fish parent.
  2. PLEASE HELP I recently scored a 140L tank and was very excited to put some new goldfish in their so that my year old fantail would have a few buddies. My sister and I excitedly went to the local fish shop to ask for some advice and pick out some new buddies. The fish shop man assured me that I could have 9 fish in my tank no worries. Its been one week and after extensive research due to the amount of complications it’s become very obvious through multiple complications from fish picking each others scales off to ammonia levels becoming excessively high VERY quickly. that this is not true and he was lying. Although I love all the new babies I understand this is not healthy for them and I just am very lost on what to do. The store won’t let me return them as I don’t have a receipt. Is a humane euthanasia with clove oil the best option if I can’t find anyone to rehome them? I can’t afford more tanks at the moment. But they are still small petshop sized goldfish besides my year old fantail how long until they become stunted and in pain? please help.
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