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  1. Hi, is it possible to grow a monster goldfish in an aquarium (lets say 135 gallon)? Like in the ones on the video. Or is it only possible in a big pond? Also if you have any big size goldfihs please post a picture 😍 https://youtu.be/zhFhjDxkZds
  2. Hi, the duckweed is still there but he has troubles eating it because most of the time he is at the bottom of the tank. What do you think about epson salt baths? I heard they help with swim bladder problems.
  3. Hi, i wasnt able to put him in an smaller tub and gave him some duckweed, however because of the swim bladder problems he wasnt able to ate the duckweed at the top, so im still feeding peas every 2 days .i also raised a little bit the temperature and i think is getting better. Here is a video of him eating and looks more stable.
  4. Hi, recently i got a new goldfish. It was the first time that i get a goldfish that is not from my city, so the shipment was not easy and he arrived very stressed. The first few days he was at the bottom of the tank and very lethargic. It took a full week before he got better and start eating well again and stop the bottom sitting and the fast gasping. However i have noticed that he has some swim problems, i have been giving peas for the last 3 days (is not the first time that i have swim bladder problems with one of my godlfish, however always giving them peas seem to fix the issue) and havent seen any improvement. He is in a 120 litter tank (the heater that you can see in the video is off). Amonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate between 5-10. https://youtu.be/P7wsX7-CTSg
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