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  1. Ok guys, I am completely new to having goldfish. Petsmart was no help at all, they told me to use distilled water for our two new goldfish, it about killed them and I started using tap water with the conditioner stuff. We have a 10 gallon tank, automatic filter, air stone, all the things I’ve read that they need. They don’t appear to be eating flakes or brine shrimp, one was staying close to the top of the tank yesterday and it ended up dying last night. Now I don’t know if we did something wrong or if it was sick. The other seems to be swimming fine, staying close to the bottom of the tank. Am I missing something? After a week I take some of the water out and add more with the conditioning treatment but I don’t want to keep killing goldfish if it’s something I can prevent! Any help is appreciated! (I can keep a child and dogs alive but apparently not even fish for 2 weeks 😐)
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