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  1. I remember reading on another goldfish forum that; if one doesn't properly age their water for at least several hours(I think it was, could be longer) prior to adding to the tank, there can be (certain)gas bubbles from the pressure of the water being in pipes(it was to my understanding). These gas bubbles cannot be metabolized(or w/e) so they appear on the fish as bubbles. For the sake of curiosity, do you add water directly from faucet to tank? if not, how long do you let the water sit? From where is the source of your water coming from?(does it travel a far distance to your faucet?) Wish I knew the name of the gas bubbles the poster said, if I find it I'll post it.
  2. Im close to San jose so when I saw this I freaked ^_^ a month ago. I realized Id missed it last monday due to life being crazy and loosing track of time >_<. Always next year though ^_^
  3. Intresting, so they can be hatched with prazi present. Cool thanks for the welcoming and the info Michael ^_^
  4. I know this is old, but one of the posters questions wasn't answered, like the main one; How old does a fry have to be for Prazi to be safe in preventative fluke removal? I was also curious and happened to stumble upon this post. Thanks yahll
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