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  1. About a year ago our 12-15 year old goldfish's eye changed colour, we didn't think much of it as he was acting normally and our other fish have changed colouration and markings over the years with no issue. The problem is that it has been very gradually getting bigger and has gotten aggressively larger the last 4 - 6 months. When this happened we thought is was popeye and started treating him with Melafix with no improvements, and as recently as a month ago we have started seeing the emergence of fatty lumps forming on the surface and the base of the eye. Some of these fatty lumps now appear to be 'damaged' and sponge like in texture, the only other fish we have seen with a similar symptom was one we had years back who had a large tumor on their head, which eventually killed them. Klaus (our currently sick Goldfish in question) is still in good health otherwise, and they continue to eat and swim with the other fish in the tank unabated. I'm dreading that this might be a tumor, but if it is, is there any way it can be treated?
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