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  1. Thanks for the response koko. The forums seems a lil dead compared to a decade ago when I was first a member. Have u ever made a Facebook group ?
  2. Anyone use aqueon trends tank stand ? Thinking of getting one for my 40B but can’t find any reviews online. Would like to know if it’s a decent stand.
  3. Beginning my quest on getting another tank set up. Pulled the trigger on a 40B yesterday during Petcos tank sale. Wow, Its alot bigger than I thought it was going to be! I plan on getting two Aquaclear 50's for filtration. I remember setting up my last tank about a decade ago that charcoal is not required. How many extra boxes of bio material should I buy? I searched a little yesterday for lids and only found glass lids and plastic ones that don't completely seal the top on a 40B. Can you guys please link me to your suggestions?
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