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  1. ammonia and nitrite are 0 nitrate is about 15 right before water change (photo attached because it’s kinda vague to be honest) i haven’t tested my tap personally but according to the supplier it’s zero on all fronts PH i don’t test for but the water supply is quitte hard around 8,3 (once again according to the water company) the test kits i use are from tetra and with drops room temp the tank is around 8 gallons (i know i’m gonna get attacked for this but the paramaters are fine so i dont see a problem there really. correct me if i’m wrong) i change a third of the water every saturday no conditioners 2 fancy goldfish and 1 black moor all just under 2 inches my filter is an undergravel (the tank is a biorb so it’s an oddball) i feed sinking pellets and peas when i have the extra time. (usually through a straw so i can target feed the black moor which has poor eyesight) i feed 8-9 pellets a day. or about 2,5 peas cut in eights (is that spelled right?) the unusual behavoir is floating to the top and just yesterday the black moor started resting with his face pointed to the bottom no new additions since 2 anubias a coupple months ago i don’t dose anything really not even declorinator because dutch tap water contains no chlorines (i’ve been drinking it since i was born so i would probably be dead) there is absolutely nothing unusual looking on the fish since the day i bought them. i hope that i awnsered your questions properly, feel free to ask anything else if questions still remain. i’d also like to point out the floaty behavior generally only happens later in the day and they have bubbles in their poops which is deffinitely not normal. the biorb filter also contains carbon and zeovit (i think) which i’ve just left in there for forever. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. One of my goldfish has been having constipation issues for a while now and i’ve tried peas but that hasn’t been working. so i’ve decided to starve them for a while to free up their guts. However they’re just under 2 inches and i’m afraid of them starving. So basically, how long could a tiny 2 inch goldfish go without food? and what else can i try? here’s a foto of the poor fella floating because of constipation taken about a week ago Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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